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    Ottilie, what is going on with baby? I think she's going to be a cheeky little minx, leading her mama around in circles. Have you considered Corisande and Lysandra? You suggested them to me once for a Sadie, and I love them both to pieces and can totally see you with one of those names. I only skimmed through this first page and haven't looked at page two because I was getting overwhelmed with long responses, but I agree with Dantea that you should just eliminate the A names since you've mentioned before that it might bother you. I'm not going to go over all names, I'd be up all night and it's past midnight for me already.

    Aurora - is beautiful, one of my favorite names ever. We wanted an Aurora, but it's so popular in Alaska (because of the northern lights) that it began to lose its charm. Save Aurora for down the road, or put her in the middle somewhere. Stunning middle name.

    Bellatrix - I like it in theory, the Trix part especially feels like it could fit a little mischief maker. I do think that this one almost feels like it's trying too hard. Perhaps because it's so strongly associated with Harry Potter for me? HBC is Bellatrix, imo, and it's so strongly associated with her for me I'm not sure I can separate it.

    Clemency - I wasn't aware she was a goddess, this is a word name to me, and I think most people would hear a word here.

    Cosima - I fought tooth and nail for this one and lost the battle because my mother has a cat named Cosmo and SO wouldn't budge on the similarities, among other issues he had with it. I think Cosima should be a serious contender for baby.

    Éowyn - and another I really wanted, still really want. I was never able to find a combo that worked here, but I bet you could! This deserves some serious consideration as a first, and I'm totally down to take on that Eowyn challenge for you.

    Heleyne - very pretty, but honestly? This feels too tame, beautiful namesakes and all.

    Libertas - perhaps it's an accent thing, this one doesn't sound pretty when I say it. Imagery is interesting, but that BERT in the middle stands out as sort of ho hum.

    Nyneve - my favorite name for the Lady of the Lake. Another I keep playing with and can't find a place for. This I think is a middle only, and a lovely one at that.

    Nyx - Someone above me said this felt too short and abrupt beside Aphrodite, and I agree. Fabulous in the middle though!

    Ondine - swoooon! Love Ondine. I think this could be a great first. Perhaps with Nyneve, or some other magical water name. Ondine Nimue Silver.

    Rossetti - hmm, yes this is pretty. Most of my favorite paintings are pre-raphaelites, never really considered this though. I think it could work, Ottilie, and is worthy of some exploration as a first for baby.

    Soraya – this is nice, a lot of really beautiful sounds. It feels like the sun to me, sunrise to be exact, reds and golds and fire and blazing intensity. Is this something you're going for? Or is it something completely different for you? This would be amazing for a late summer, early autumn baby imo.

    Tellervo - keeps this in the middle. Some names lose their magic up front, and I think this is one of those.

    Tempestas/Tempest - another one that's pure magic in the middle, but not quite right up front, at least (imo) not for you. I'd go for Thalassa instead, which gives me the same imagery, but feels more like an Ottilie baby.

    I'll definitely be back.
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    Thanks for the responses, everyone!

    Angel; Thanks for your through comments, I'll comment back where needed. I'm the one who's most bothered by the repeating initials, and Aurora has always been one of my favourites. It's got so many associations for me, and it's not that popular here, it's ranked at #345 (140 babies). Bellatrix; the HP connection doesn't bother me... I've loved the name from before JKR used it for mrs Lestrange, but my one slight issue is that everyone in England's read the books, it's almost law over here. There were three of them born last year though, so it is used. Clemency; virtue names are pretty traditional in England, I don't think anyone would see it as trendy. Nyneve; I find this beautifully calm and underwater-esque, and I like the nns (Nynne, Neve and Evie). I'm happy to see you liking Soraya, Rossetti (never thought of this as a name until you brought it up!), Eowyn, Ostara and Venelia. Morrigan; this doesn't bother me the way Morgana does. I don't know what it is. Morrigan would obviously be instead of Morgana, I like how the name feels more warrior-esque and fierce, yes, she's dark but in a different way. Your suggestions; I love Nixea, how cute! Polymatheia is beautiful but sounds too much like polymath to me, and I much prefer Polyhymnia anyway, and Dexithea I know Husband would say no to as he dislikes the dex beginning.

    Meg; Thanks for picking out your favourites! From your suggestions I like Caspienne (it would rule out Casimir but he's not in my top three anyway), Cassiopeia (but her story always bothered me... too bad, for the name is gorgeous), Melisande (Husband thinks it's too dainty), Thessalonike (oooh, love this one!), Asteria (so beautiful), Harmonia (but Aphrodite's daughter... so weird), Musetta (very excited about this one, we're big opera lovers and La Boheme is wonderful), Nerissa (nymph like and Shakespearean) and Fantasia (have a feeling this will be laughed at but it's brilliant!). Thanks so much, sweetie!!

    Flamingo & Catalina; I know, right? It's so good! The sound, the meaning, the character... I can't imagine a little girl not loving being named after her.

    Ashley; thanks for chiming in! Those names are very pretty, Felicity is a beautiful name but I had a fish called this as a child and that's all I think about. I don't mind going a bit more normal... Cosima's hardly used in England so even though it sounds more normal, it's still pretty unusual (8 babies last year).

    Pink; Pandora is half way off the list, but it depends on my persuading powers. Nice teeth-sinking, I'm glad you like Bellatrix, Cosima, Nyneve, Polyhymnia (if only the sound), Melusine, Zohreh, Soraya, Aurora, Atalanta, Isis and Heleyne! Morrigan is the original spelling, Morrighan is modern Irish. Nyx, haha, I can absolutely see the underwear thing. And it's a makeup brand? Not good. Hippolyta, yes, it does say Hippo which is... bad. Could be bad. I just love it so much. Ippolita too, and that one doesn't say hippo... From your suggestions I like Ariadne, Annevieve (but my sister's name's Anna), Astraea, Lavinia, Solemnia, Cassiopeia, Sophronia and Celeste. Thanks so much!

    Mauvebird; Callidora is pretty, but I'm not a huge Dora fan. I think of spoiled girls and Dora the Explorer (oh, the horror!).

    Sarah; Questions! Okay. Isolde; she's kind of on my list. In case Husband says no to Ceridwen my plan is to switch it to Isolde Sonja Ceridwen. What I've figured out is that I need names that give me different imagery, so I've got the stormy girl (Morgana), the forest girl (Sylvestra), the snow girl (Ceridwen/Isolde) and the faerie dancing in the glen girl (Tinuviel). I need an underwater girl, a celestial girl, a seafaring girl and maybe a mountain girl? Sylvestra is my wolf name, it comes from Silvia who was the mother of Romulus and Remus and I get nn Ylva from it. Ylva means she-wolf. Éowyn wasn't considered before because it doesn't sound too good with Husband's surname, but after we decided to add mine and do a hyphenated surname it's not a problem anymore. Valentina is lovely, but it's the name of a friend of mine. Casiphia is very pretty, I'll need to do some investigation on this one. Thanks so much!

    Ren; Caspienne is the name of the Caspian sea in French, so just as much a name as Caspian is.

    Bibliophile; thanks!

    Angel; Suggestions! Heaps and heaps of suggestions! I like these: Hestia, Thalassa (I actually really love this one. I don't know why I didn't add it myself as it's a long time love), Eurybia (I prefer Eurydice though), Eupraxia, Sophrosyne (love this one!), Hecate/Hekate (I actually meant to have this on the list. I was confused when I read the replies as no one liked Hekate, but now I see it was because it wasn't on the list!), Pandia (but Husband doesn't like), Hemera (I love this), Cybele, Calypso (but friends with daughter calypso. I prefer Callisto anyway), Minerva, Ēostre (prefer Ostara), Inanna (love this, but like Ishtar more), Leontine, Melpomene (but if I'm having a muse I'd like it to be little Polly...), Polimnia (sweet Polyhymnia version), Messalina (used to be on my list), Gwenllian (still love this one but prefer Ceridwen), Proserpina. Thank you!!

    Emma; I love Francesca, makes me think of Francesca da Rimini and all the gorgeous art work she inspired. It's such a delicious name. Francesca. My favourite writer has a chapter on her lovestory in one of her books, so beautiful and haunting (building on Boccaccio's version in where she was tricked into the marriage to Giovanni). I am adding this to my list. Oh, I hope studying goes well, my sweet, and that you're not burning yourself completely out.

    Pink; Again! I hope Daisy's okay. Andromeda; oh how I love this name!!! Corisande is gorgeous, Melisande too, Saskia and Desdemona (but too heavy for me). I love Alba, but my sister loves this and I don't want to use it in case she has a girl someday. Thora, though, swoon! Why didn't I think of that? I always love looking at it in Fey's signature, but I never added it to my own... thanks so much!

    Cristina; ah, you replied to Ren's question before me. I think Caspienne is gorgeous, no weirder than using Caspian!

    Moonblossom; first names really, but I'm sure I'll find some middle inspiration here too. Thanks for your comments!

    Averella; yeah, the second list I'm not expecting anyone to comment on, that's why I sorted them into categories. Just wanted to let everyone know which ones are still in the running. Thanks for your comments, excited to see so much love for Eowyn and Cosima!

    Sarah; thanks for your lists! Do you think Medusa's usable? Happy to see so much Bellatrix love!

    Moonie; isn't Zinelor fantastic? I really love it. Yeah, Cassieardolla's Cytherea's real name. I remember discussing it with you a while back. She's cool though, well named sons and everything, but she's the only thing that comes up when I google the name and I go through pages ans pages of results. But the name's soooo good. And she's very pretty, seems intelligent and looks very clean and healthy. Oh, yes, Husband thinks epithets are pretentious. I'm working on it though. He likes several of Apollo and Athene's epithets but not as firsts. Zosteria is unbelievably gorgeous, I'm adding that one to my list. Thank you!!

    Fey; oh, she's going to be a little minx, a wild little pixie. Corisande and Lysandra are both beautiful, I will mull them over. A names will probably be eliminated, I'm just trying to widen my search criteria a little here. Aurora's one of those names I've always loved. When I was little I wanted children named Aurora and Socrates after this children's book my mother used to read me, then there's the northern lights and the goddess-association to top it up. Bellatrix, first it was the star. I do think of HP though, and I love the books so to me she's quite different from how HBC (whom I adore, don't get me wrong!) portrayed her in the movies. She's not a mentally ill lunatic in the books, she's regal and proud and much darker, I kind of imagined her as some kind of temptress. Clemency, the Roman goddess is Clementia but Clemency's a version. Libertas, now all I see it Bert Ass. Off it goes... Soraya's all star clusters to me. I basically see a really overwhelming starry sky. I'm happy you like Rossetti (most of my favourtie painitngs are pre-raph's too), Ondine, Cosima, Eowyn and Nyneve (even if only as a middle. I love it as a first personally, but it's good somewhere else as well). Thanks so much!!
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    Like or love:

    Aurora - but not as first
    Nyneve - prefer Nimue or Niniane
    Nyx - I will just never use it, LOL


    Morrigan - but prefer Morgana

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    I hear you added Francesca, it's nice, just not Ottilie. I liked your list which was:

    Although I really like Cosima, Briseis, Eowyn, Ondine, Melusine...
    Seraphina Isolde Paige Cressida Melody Charlotte Cecily Despina Bridget Rosalyn Cvijeta Dorothea Millicent Gwenllian Beatrice Aurora Rosamund Matilda Nimue Sunniva Giselle Griselda Amoret Helena Anastasia Elaine Isabella Briseis Freya Blanche Paisley Flora Robin Magnus Percy Tristan Ansel Lysander Arthur Edmund Balthazar Dimitri Emil Amaury Erik Dylan Dorian Florian Gustav Harley Roland Ludwig Arlo Orpheus Amadeus Lucius Remy Thorin Hugo Edgar David Beowulf Wesley Roman Sylvan Maximilian Storm

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    Quote Originally Posted by cristinamariane View Post
    Don't know if anyone replied to this yet, but Caspienne is simply the French word for the Caspian Sea... mer Caspienne. So, just like we use Caspian, why not Caspienne, only for girls? Kind of like Oceana or River.
    Sucks, lol. For me names have to actually be names

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