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    Ooooh Ondine! Dita and Dini? Adorable!

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    Thanks, I do feel better. I have chronic fatigue, and sometimes it feels like someone is layering tiredness tiles on the mountain of fatigue you already have. And then when I get over tired, I start feeling sick. My taste buds go crazy, I have no concentration whatsoever. Not really a good feeling.

    Anyway, I'm happy you liked some of the names! Someone else might have suggested it, but I'm really happy to see Ourania on your list!

    Liking from your list...

    Bellatrix - it feels so fresh & spunky.
    Hesperia - I love the idea of the nickname Espie.
    Ortensia - Give a much fresher feeling compare to Hortense.
    Melusine - the sound is so pretty.
    Nyneve - all purpley & like looking up to the sun underwater.
    Polymnia - It sounds great with Dita.
    Ursula - all silvery & wispy.

    Good luck!
    Jude, blackbird.

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    So I notice someone suggested Dantea >.>

    My top 5 from these are:

    Ursula -- She's my favorite out of all of these new ones. Aphrodite and Ursula. Both are watery and Ursula has just a bit of darkness to combat Dita's bubbly light and she's still wintery to me.
    Hesperia -- Not Hespera? It has the same images, the pretty wintery image with coco and lovely snow angels
    Bellatrix -- I love this one. It goes well and has great nicknames, but I like the other 2 better. I like Bix or Bixie (sounds like Pixie almost)
    Eostre -- This would be number 6 for me. She's gorgeous and I love how she connection to the time around when the baby will be born (She's a spring name, and Feb is sort of the beginning of the end of Winter). I think she sounds wonderful with Dita
    Melusine -- I like Morgana better and Melusine better than Morrigan

    Comments on the others:

    Andromeda -- It's an A and I know that might bother you. Aside from that, they sound okay together but they are sort of meh. It's my number 7
    Cosima -- I just don't like this and I don't know why. I don't know. Aphrodite is a goddess and Cosima makes me think of space. It has the same issues Olympia had. It makes me think that Aphrodite lives in the cosmos. *Shrug*
    Éowyn -- Dita and Winnie ^_^ She's a beautiful name, a wonderful character, but You already have Ceridwen and Tinuviel so maybe it would be safe to retire it to the middle? Unless you'd be willing to drop the other 2 since it seems Hubby doesn't want other -wen or Tolkien names If there's a way he decides it's okay to have it and the others, she'd be number 2
    Hortensia or Ortensia -- I just don't like this one either. No offense but it makes me think of musty, lonely old ladies and I hate the HOR at the beginning
    Morrigan -- While I personally love this, I prefer Morgana and Melusine second. Morrigan is amazing and I love the goddess, but I just don't like her too much with Dita
    Nyneve -- As I said, I find this one a bit awkward and I REALLY prefer Niniane if you want one of the names of the Lady of the Lake
    Ourania -- This one is pretty, but it still sounds awkward when I say them. She sounds weird with Dita to me
    Pandora -- I shant revist all the reasons I dislike this name as I know you like it, but let me say that 1) you've already said neither you or your husband really like -dora names and 2) Your husband (I believe it was him and not you) has been going back and forth on this one. Do you want to put it back only to be told no again later? I think she'd make a fabulous middle. Eowyn Pandora Verpertine, Ursula Pandora Melusine etc I can do a lot with her in the middle. She adds a velvety blackness (for me) to the light, airy quality of the firsts. I also like her with Tinuviel. Tinuviel Ingrid Pandora maybe
    Polymnia -- I do really like it, but I don't like it at all as a first with Dita. Again, great middle. She softens the hard edges of Bellatrix really well Bellatrix Polymnia Alcyone
    Xantippe -- This sounds harsh next to Dita. Love her though. Keep her as a middle. She hardens Hesperia nicely -- Hesperia Lilje Xantippe, Hesperia Xantippe Aurore/Aurora

    I could make great combos with some of these kept as middles but would have a hard time using them as firsts as I find some of them awkward with Dita I also vote to add Desdemona to the list. I love the name. She's one of those I can move past the sad story for because the name is so pretty. I'm using it in a story.
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    Here are some names that I thought of for you:
    Amaryllis - good way to get to the nn Liss
    Lysithea is perfect!
    Why isn't Callisto a contender?
    Pomona would get you the nn Pom. Maybe Paloma? It is a gorgeous name... Maybe too tame for you?
    Morwyn or Morwenna - nn Winnie?
    I don't think I have seen these ones in your posts. The remind me of you. <3

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    Ah, I'm so happy that so many of my favourites made it to your new list

    My top five would be:

    Andromeda: If you're fine with another A-name, I'm totally behind this name. I've loved Andromeda ever since I read HP for the first time many years ago (Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa, what a smashing set of names).
    Bellatrix: You know how I feel about her. She's brilliant, mystical, fierce and beautiful.
    Cosima: My favourite, no doubt about it. It's just such a beautiful name and she sounds amazing with Roo's name. Cosima all the way!
    Eostre: Though I adore Eostre, to me, she will always lose if she's up against your other E-name, the ethereal Éowyn. I am totally behind her as a middle name though.
    Éowyn: I love, love, love her, as you know. She's just gorgeous and it's a terrific namesake. There's only one stunning name that can beat her and that would be the lovely Cosima.
    Hesperia: Oh, I love this one. I was so sad when you dropped Hespera, so yay for Hesperia.
    Hortensia or Ortensia: Out of these two, I would say Ortensia. None of them are favourites of mine, but Hortensia makes me think of that old lady from the first episode of Midsomer Murders who was in love with her brother, lol.
    Melusine: I like her a lot, but if it's between her and Morgana, my vote will always go to Morgana. Melusine would be a smashing middle though.
    Morrigan: Loving the sound of this one. I do think that she's more of a middle name than a first name.
    Nyneve: I, hands down, am not entirely sure as to how this name is pronounced, so I don't really have an opinion on her.
    Ourania: I like her but not with Aphrodite. I would probably put her on the middle name list.
    Pandora: She would be sixth on my list, I think (probably shared with Vespertine/Vesperina). She's beautiful, dark, magical, mystical and intriguing.
    Polymnia: It sounds great with Roo, but I just think there are so many other beautiful names that sound better than Polymnia. And out of the two P-names, my vote would undoubtedly go to Pandora.
    Ursula: Not my favourite. I can only think of Ursula Buffay and Ursula, the sea witch from The Little Mermaid.
    Vespertine or Vesperina: I can'y decide which one I like more, Vespertine or Vesperina (Vespertina?). With Roo's name, I'm prone to say Vesperina because it ends with an A, but I also really like Vespertine.
    Xantippe: I don't think she can quite match the beauty of Aphrodite, but she's definitely middle name material.

    Regarding the Ceridwen vs. Éowyn situation, though both names are beautiful, I would say that if you like Éowyn more, you should go for that one. However, that would mean scrapping Tinúviel as well (*sobs* Éowyn and Tinúviel are both so ravishing, I wouldn't be able to choose between them) and Tiny has been on your list for so long *sad sigh* but at the same time, Tiny would be equally as smashing as a middle. If you like Éowyn more than Ceridwen and Tinúviel, you should definitely go for her
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