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Thread: Twin Names

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    Twin Names

    I'm in love with twin names. Not a mom or mom-to-be, but I've been scanning the site and I found so many adorable twin names! I recently acquired the dreaded "egg baby" project as well and I decided to take care of two eggs for double points.

    Do any of you have names for twins? Either two girls, two boys, or a girl and a boy. I'd love to hear them! Please comment them below. Names you love, names you hate, any! Thanks in advance!

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    I love twin names! Being a twin myself, I'm really really hopeful that I might have a pair myself
    I was browsing this list earlier and found it fascinating - there are a LOT of terrible combinations, but some lovely ones too (my favourite is probably Gwendolyn and Jasper):
    My favourites -
    G/G: very changeable, but right now, Juliet Catherine and Helena Daisy
    G/B: Theodore David and Penelope Gretel (again changeable!)
    B/B: Lysander David and Theodore Peter

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    I love pairing names together! And isn't twin girls a name nerd dream? But one thing I do despise (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) is close to identical names for twins. People have names to distinguish them from other people. I feel that even more so for twins, they need their own identity. I feel like when parents name twins something along the lines of: Jayden/Braden, Taylor/Sayer, Mason/Jason, they are trying to make the twins one person. Trying to take away their personal identities and making them one person, which is just not fair. That being said I think it s really cute when twins have names with similar meanings, similar lengths, and same origins.
    Matilda and Ramona
    Hazel and Fiona (one of my favorite pairings, but both names are getting too popular for my taste)
    Xanthe and Gaia
    Lavinia and Seraphina
    Marisol and Clementina
    Nell and Arlo
    Winnie and Theo
    Eleanor and Thomas
    Alice and Clark
    Finn and Milo
    Calvin and Arthur
    Felix and Otis
    Benedict and Augustus

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    I love twin names! right now my favorites are....

    G/G: Alice & Helen or Rosalie & Evelyn
    G/B: Hannah & Charles or Daphne & Sullivan
    B/B: Graham & Heath or Frederick & Theodore
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    ooh...I love this....

    Theodore and Josephine (Teddy and Posey)

    Arthur and Mary

    Wilhelmina and Gwendoline (Mina and Gwen)

    Josephine and Persephone (Posey and Persie)

    Gwyneira and Sybilla (Gwennie and Sybbie)

    Nell and Pippa

    Nell and Winnie

    Amabel and Viola

    Edith and Clara

    Beatrix and Sybil (Trixie and Sybbie)

    Cora and Jane

    William and Theodore

    Wilfred and Hector

    Maximilian and Theodore
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