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    Iselda - This is cool! All the best parts of Griselda without that horrid "gristle" bit. Dulcinea I want to say yes just because I want your search to be over and your mind at peace, but is the back-to-back vowel thing too much? Here's a question....why not just Zelda? I remember that you didn't want her in the first name slot because Z3ph@n makes Z firsts off-limits....but Dulcinea Zelda is pretty freaking awesome.

    Constanz/Constantia - I'm negatively biased here, because Constance has always seemed very stuffy to me. Between these two, I'd go with Constantia, because Constanz just makes me think of stanzas. Dulcinea Constantia is a bit of a mouthful though.

    Ardent - I do love this word name! We still have back-to-back vowel trouble though...Dulcinea Ardent. Dulcinea Jane Ardent? Dulcinea Liv Ardent? No that sounds like "live ardently, Dulcinea!" or something.

    Zelia - my favorite this go round, by far. Dulcinea Zelia. Beautiful flow, sails right into the last name with nary a hitch. There's also Celia, which means "heavenly" and has Shakespearean cred.

    Valencia - I like this one much better as a first. Dulcinea Valencia is so flouncy next to Ev3's name. Dulcinea Valentine maybe, to cut down on syllables? Oh but that's too many "tie" sounds with the last name. Valerie? Valerie could work.

    Imara - This reminds me instantly of Inara from Firefly. Are you familiar with the show? The similarity could considered a really good thing or a really bad thing, because Inara is a Companion (extremely elite high-society version of a "lady of the night") but she's also an incredible character of dignity, culture, refinement, and empathy. She's a classic example of Joss Whedon's ability to defy all stereotypes with his characters. Anyway, I digress. Dulcinea Imara seems like less of a vowel issue than, say, Dulcinea Amara. She's not may favorite though...that place is reserved for Dulcinea Zelda, Dulcinea Zelia/Celia, and my long-lost Dulcinea Jane :P
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