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    Dulcinea Nicola - I think this is super pretty. I love the name Nicola, it's so sweet and I have one very good friend by this name. Dulcinea Nicola feels like a beautiful girl's room, floral tapestry, a brass bed filled with stuffed animals and dolls, an antique pram on the floor. Gorgeous taffeta dresses, lace bloomers, ruffled pants. A rocking horse and chinese paper lanterns in the ceiling. The sweet scent of roses. My second favourite.

    Dulcinea Veronica - Very pretty also. This feels like a rose garden on a rainy day. Mucky wellies, thick woolen socks, a lacey skirt blowing in the wind, out tending to the rose garden with a tea cup on the windowsill. Little birdies finding shelter in the trees. Raindrops caught on beautiful spider's webs. My third favourite.

    Dulcinea Constance - This is my favourite. My love for the name Constance is almost over the top, it has to be one of the most gorgeous names ever. Dulcinea Constance feels like really heavy, thick, luxurious dusty pink velvet. She's the heroine in a gothic romance, she plays the harp, rides horses and she can shoot a gun. Dulcinea Constance is the perfect balance of sweet and dark romance.

    Dulcinea Viera - I don't like this very much... Viera makes me think of Patrick Vieira (a footballer). While there's nothing wrong with him, he seems nice and is very good, it just strikes me as masculine.

    Dulcinea Verena - This feels very masculine to me as well .

    Dulcinea Madeleine - Lovely! I'm usually not fond of Madeleine, but here it works. It gives me almost the same feeling as Dulcinea Nicola, only a little bit more frilly.

    Dulcinea Jane - I don't like this very much. But I hate Jane, it's my least favourite name ever. Dulcinea Jean, Dulcinea Jeanne? Dulcinea Jeanette would be gorgeous.

    Dulcinea Quinn - I agree, a bit insubstantial in meaning next to your other kiddos.

    Dulcinea Lanz - Could you bring Lanz in as a second middle somewhere? Dulcinea Constance Lanz, Dulcinea Nicola Lanz?
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    Dulcinea Verena -Something about this just really tickles my fancy - the meaning is lovely and the flow is great, too. I might need to add Verena to my name list!

    Dulcinea Veronica - love the intent with the Niki hand-me-down and I think perhaps I just love the V sound to go with Daisy

    Dulcinea Lanz - It sounds awesome and it is a great way to honor yur side of the family as a whole

    Dulcinea Viera - pretty, although the spelling looks odd to me.

    Dulcinea Madeleine - not sure about eliminating the G, but the name itself is lovely

    Dulcinea Nicola - I agree with Angel that the repeating "n" is a bit bothersome but otherwise I like it

    Dulcinea Quinn - it sounds really cute, but considering your penchant for meaningful names, I think it does pale in comparison with the others

    Dulcinea Jane - meh

    Dulcinea Constance - I think maybe this is too stern - and I am not a fan ofg the repeating "s" sounds
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    I really love Dulcinea Jane. I completely agree with everything Dantea said about it, especially how it seems to mirror your daughter's name. And Daisy Jane is adorable!
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    Oh the memories I have of women named Dulcie. I always felt sorry for anyone named Dulcie, so I can't get onboard with Dulcinea but love Daisy as a stand alone name. You have some good middles.

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