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    Saracita - I have all the exact same conflicts with finding middle names to go with Cytheria - Here's the list I came up with (may or may not be your style but at least a jumping-off point):

    Rosalyn (or Rosalind)
    Wondrous (hehe, my husband vetoed this one right away but I still adore it)

    Middles I can't use because of last name conflict but you might like:

    Kestrel (this one is a particular fav - I think Dulcinea Kestrel would be lovely!)
    Zarielle (I don't know if this is a real name but I love it anyway)
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    Middle Name Combos

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    I think one of those combined meaning names would be nice with Dulcinea.

    Dulcinea Liberty
    Dulcinea Livny (sweet new life is pretty darn cute)
    Dulcinea Shenandoah
    Dulcinea Dagny (sweet new day - but maybe you're not a big alliteration fan?)
    Dulcinea Oriana
    Dulcinea Serafina/Seraphine (of a sweet seraphim?)

    Dulcinea Quinn Livny/Livny Quinn
    Dulcinea Oriana Quinn
    Dulcinea Liberty Quinn

    I'll have a think on the others.
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    This is going to be long and I'm putting each name into a separate thread like I do with Ottilie. ^_^
    If your mother gets Daisy as a way to honor her, then I think in Dulcinea is a great way to honor your mom. And it’s my favorites for you. I’m keeping to one middle name, like Eve.

    Dulcinea Felicity – sweet happiness or Sweet good fortune
    Dulcinea Magdalene – which nods to your religion
    Dulcinea Liberty – sweet liberty
    Dulcinea Scarlett – Doesn’t mean much, but it sounds good, but Scarlett could go towards blood (Jesus’)
    Dulcinea Vesper – sweet evening star or evening prayer
    Dulcinea True – sweet and true. I think it’s lovely – I think the 4-1-2 works here and the double T doesn’t bother me because the T is soft in True and hard in T.yler
    Dulcinea Halisi – sweet truth
    Dulcinea Margana – sweet one who seeks truth
    Dulcinea Verity – sweet truth
    Dulcinea Corazon – sweet heart/ sweet truth
    Dulcinea Patience – sweet patience (or Patience can mean “one who endures with courage)
    Dulcinea Glaucia – sweet brave gift – this could mean the brave gift Jesus gave
    Dulcinea Virendra – sweet one who is brave and noble
    Dulcinea Zuyana – sweet one who has a brave heart
    Dulcinea Fernanda – sweet peace through bravery
    Dulcinea Bridget – sweet exalted one
    Dulcinea Calistena – sweet beautiful strength
    Dulcinea Etinosa – sweet strength of God
    Dulcinea Gabrina – sweet hero of God/sweet my strength is God
    Dulcinea Roswitha – sweet strength
    Dulcinea Callista – sweet love
    Dulcinea Gilda – sweet sacrifice
    Dulcinea Lenore – sweet bright one
    Dulcinea Lovejoy – sweet and filled with love and joy
    Dulcinea Manami – sweet beautiful love
    Dulcinea Chavala – sweet gift of life
    Dulcinea Lavita – sweet life
    Dulcinea Gloriosa -- type of Daisy
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