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    February 5 -

    Still really liking Dulcinea Tesla! It isn't a name I would have put together on my own, and I might not even pull it out of a lineup (i.e. "which of these combos do you like" queries), but I'm happy that it uses names that BOTH my husband and I really like, and it doesn't seem to be a "choose the least of evils" proposition for either party. Which is really what I was hoping for and didn't think we could actually find! Somewhere around the forums I saw an idea to do up a birth announcement at a place like, and tried it out last week. As soon as I saw it finished with the surname I was like, oh yes, this is the right name. It "feels right" for OUR baby, and for THIS baby. Yeah!

    As a "backup pick" I have Daisy Tesla Iverine, which is really stylistically more along the lines of something that I would do on my own. I really like the spunky rhythm of it -- but it has those rotten initials and would lose that romantic song (and leave her with a Bicycle Built For Two only, argh, and yes, it has been mentioned). I'm keeping it in my back pocket for that 1% chance that I'm just totally way off base and we need a different "feel" for the overall name. I've never actually managed to come up with a second, "different feel" option before, but it makes me feel more relaxed.

    Due in four weeks! If I freak about the name, as I've done soooo many times before at the end of a pregnancy, I'm at least braced for it this time, ha!

    I can't say how much I've appreciated all the discussion, suggestions, thoughts, comments, and general sounding-board listening of the Berry community over the past several months. Thank you, all!
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    Dulcinea- this is sweet, charming, and vintage-chic. dainty and girly, it makes me think of flowers. I'd say "dul-sin-ee-ah" or "dul-seen-ee-ah". Daisy totally works as a nickname
    Iverine- not a fan of the name myself, but sweet to honour your grandmother and I like that you've loved it so long! Erin or Rina could be used as a NN if you need one
    Dagny- this seems a bit masculine to me, but fresh and crisp. I have no idea who Dagny Taggart is
    Magnolia- I love this name! I have a stuffed panda named Magnolia, nn Maggie. I think of magnolia flowers and beautifully dressed southern belles, very prim and proper but lighthearted and pleasant and friendly
    Isolde- as long as you don't later name a son Tristan, you'd be fine. The name feels very wintery, strong and regal, like a snow queen.
    Iolanthe- people learn to spell all kinds of names. it's lovely and unique and fresh
    Esmeralda- I haven't read Hunchback of Notre Dame so I wouldn't have made the connection. strong but delicate, vintage with a bit of a Victorian vibe
    Quenilda- I'm not a fan of Q names, but I like the medieval vibe
    Svala- cute and peppy, unusual but easy to catch on to since it's short and phonetically spelled

    Hmm, what do you think of:
    Scarlett (didn't you say you loved this?)
    Margrethe (Ingrid Margrethe nn Ingaret? very Scandinavian and royal)
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    My favourites from your list are Esmeralda, Magnolia, Isolde, and Dulcinea. Yes, some people may not get Dulcinea's pronunciation at first, but they'll learn, and using Daisy is so sweet. I think I like Magnolia and Isolde the best with your other kids' names.

    Iverine is lovely, but you have three boys' names ending in 'ine, 'ian, and 'an so I thought perhaps a differing ending would work better and not leave your other daughter feeling like the odd one out.

    I'm torn on Dagny because I like the name, but it does automatically make me think of the book (which I've only read once, ages ago). Adding a "T" last name would definitely be too close for me.... BUT it's a great name.
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    My favorites from your list are:


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    I think Dulcinea is nice with nn Daisy. I also like Magnolia and Iverine with the sibset. The others aren't my style, so I don't feel equipped to comment. Good luck!
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