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    Two Weeks Later Update --

    I'm still really liking Dulcinea Tesla! It isn't a name I would have put together on my own, and I might not even pull it out of a lineup (i.e. "which of these combos do you like" queries), but I'm happy that it uses names that BOTH my husband and I really like, and it doesn't seem to be a "choose the least of evils" proposition for either party. Which is really what I was hoping for and didn't think we could actually find! Somewhere around the forums I saw an idea to do up a birth announcement with names under consideration (like at I tried it out last week, and as soon as I saw it finished with the surname I was like, oh yes, this is the right name. It "feels right" for OUR baby, and for THIS baby. Yeah!

    As a "backup pick" I have Daisy Tesla Iverine, which is really stylistically more along the lines of something that I would do on my own. I really like the spunky rhythm of it -- but it has those rotten initials and would lose the romantic song (and leave her with a Bicycle Built For Two - yes, it has been mentioned). I'm keeping it in my back pocket for that 1% chance that I'm just totally way off base and we need a different "feel" for the overall name. I've never actually managed to come up with a second, "different feel" option before, but having it is making me more relaxed (even though I'm pretty sure my husband would toss it right away in the theoretical).

    Due in four weeks! If I freak about the name, as generally seems to be my custom at the end of a pregnancy, I'm at least braced for it this time, ha! We did tell immediate family the first name (hadn't decided on the middle when it came up). Basically, my side likes Daisy but not so much Dulcinea; his side likes Dulcinea but not Daisy. EVERYONE grins, tries not to roll their eyes, and maybe even says, "oh, of course!" when they find out "where we got that name" is from a musical. Haha. My MIL said she would take Daisy off her list of dog names! Ouch...tact is not her strong point. Hubby and I were fully aware that Daisy is her type of dog name since the two she has are Lily and Poppy, but really...that comment has to win a prize for hilariously terrible and awkward reactions!

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    Yay! I'm so glad you've settled on a name that you're 100% happy with! Congratulations I'll be keeping an eye out in the birth announcement forum in a few weeks!
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    Congratulations! I'm glad you've finally settled on a name! Dulcinea is so lovely; I'm happy to know that someone is going to use this neglected gem.
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