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    Dulcinea - I love Dulcinea, it's such a delicious name to say, look at and write. All pink ruffles and glitter! I think it's beautiful and it sounds lovely with the fantastic four. I think you can avoid Dulcie, especially with darling nn Daisy!!! The song is beautiful too, I love the idea of a child having it's own song. Your daughter will most likely look like a Dulcinea too.

    Iverine - Lovely! Feminine form of Iver? I like it and it's got meaning to you. I would actually love Dulcinea Iverine as a whole name, or Iverine Dulcinea. Iverine's very sweet and lavender like, I love how it feels like really neat handwriting, scented letters and pink silk ribbons.

    Dagny - Dagny Tyler doesn't make me think of Dagny Taggart. I love this book, Ayn Rand is fantastic. You love this name so much I don't think the connection should put you off. Especially as you love the book! Dagny's very deep pink to me, velvet dresses, Norwegian forest cats and fairy tales, ear muffs, fur lines robes...

    Magnolia - I think this is fabulous too. Lots of sweet nicknames. Not my favourite though, mostly because I always think of the movie and that Tom Cruise line. Magnolia's green and pink water colours floating around, vintage pearls on the hardwood floors and lots and lots of lace.

    Isolde - Nope, not too much. At least not for me. It works wonderfully with siblings. Isolde's the purest white, lots of snow and hiding under hills, bows and arrows, horses. Isolde's super romantic and I love that.

    Iolanthe - I agree with you on this one.

    Esmeralda - those are my feelings on the name. Mostly because I'm not a huge fan of the novel, but the name is fabulous. It's on my maybe list at the moment. Esmeralda feels like very expensive emerald green lace and velvet dresses, covered in diamonds and well, emeralds.

    Quenilda - I love this, and I love how it would bridge your other children's names together. Plus, who doesn't love a Q name? Quenilda's another pink one, dusty pink and an overflow of roses. Rose scented perfume and stars scattered all over the floors. Sparklers and joy.

    Svala - Sweet!!!!! I think this is a little beaut. I think of swallows and nature. Svala's blue, free and open.

    No suggestions from me as you've got my whole list... but I think the ones you've got here are smashing. My ranking:
    Dagny and Dulcinea
    Iverine and Isolde
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    I haven't really been commenting on your posts so far, because I don't really feel like I'd be that much help. I sort of feel out of my league. I am really loving Dagny for you, though, and Dagny Tyler sounds really sweet (I think you could even pull Daisy from it, although I'm not sure if it's pointless, since it contains 3 of the same letters, is just as long, and almost seems like a totally different name?). I also really like Esmeralda (swoon!) and Esmee is a sweet nn. Maybe you could use Dulcinea as a middle? It seems very sentimental, but not really your favorite? Maybe you like the ties more than the actual name? I feel that way about some names--Amelie, for example. I love the ties for it, but I don't love it enough to use it up front. Which is why I'm considering it as a middle. Something like Dagny Dulcinea would be sweet?

    Is Fia off the table, then? I know Fiala wasn't your favorite option, but I still miss the idea of Eve and Fiala as sisters!
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    I think I like Isolde best out of these, and it's lovely with your other children's names. I used to know an Iseult. It's a nice name, and not too closely tied to Tristan.
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    I don't remember your specifications but here are some new ideas since I last commented on your posts:

    Esperanza or Esperance
    Karine (Norwegian form of Catherine)
    Verena, Verita, Veradis, Vera or any other variation
    Vienne or Vianne
    Charis or Karis

    Isolde is pure Tristan and... to me but I forgot about there even being an Esmerelda in the Hunchback of Notre Dame
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    Dulcinea -- I am not entirely sure how to pronounce this name, but I think I love it! Daisy is a cute nn too. I know what you mean about the 4 syllable names needing a nickname, but the nickname itself not being substantial enough to work on its own. I like the possibilities with this name.

    Iverine -- This name is absolutely beautiful. Iva is a great nickname. I also have a faint memory of knowing someone from my childhood called Rina. I don't know what the full name was, but that could also work here as a nickname.

    Dagny -- I don't see this name as feminine, especially compared to your other choices. I don't like this one so much....

    Magnolia -- this name is middle of the road for me. You mentioned having a negative association to part of the name. If you can't get over that, I wouldn't choose this name. You really want to love every aspect of the name you give your child. Avoid any negative associations at all cost is my philosophy.

    Isolde -- Not really a fan, you have much better options here.

    Iolanthe -- I agree with you, spelling and pronunciation problems galore. Skip.

    Esmeralda -- This name will always have the Hunchback association, but I don't see any reason why it can't be used in the modern world. I love it actually. Very beautiful and understated in my opinion.

    Quenilda -- not a fan.

    Svala -- also not a fan.

    Overall, my favorite names from your list are Dulcinea, Iverine and Esmeralda. It's a toss up between Iverine and Esmeralda for the best, they are both just totally, completely stunning.

    Best of luck!!
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