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    I like Dulcinea Livny Jane. For all the reasons I and other people have said. It's sweet and fun but also grounded and has good meanings.

    So you don't really like Veronica...hmmm...Maybe these other names with victory meanings:

    Dulcinea Berenice -- sweet bearer of victory
    Dulcinea Colette -- sweet victory of the people -- COL like niCOLe and COLeen
    Dulcinea Fathiya -- sweet victory
    Dulcinea Kalonice -- sweet beautiful victory
    Dulcinea Meruvina -- sweet famous victory
    Dulcinea Siglinda -- sweet good victory -- has the Scandinavian connections and the victory meaning
    Dulcinea Teranika -- sweet victory of the earth -- has NIK and the right meaning
    Dulcinea Vincere -- to win -- from my research, it's a form of Vincens which is apparently used in the New Testament -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I think you should pick a middle name YOU love No bells attached I believe you mentioned liking Soleil? That is a beautiful name....Dulcinea Soleil. So fun to say! And if you love Liv but can't use it because of the actress, why not Dulcinea Olivia? I know the sounds are kind of the same at the end/beg. but I still think it sounds lovely. And the initials DOT are fab! AND to make it all that much better, I think it pairs very well with big sis - the classics Eve & Olivia (with the subtle peace message of the olive branch & Eve with the garden, etc...) and then the more elaborate Dulcinea & Anastasia...

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    Dulcinea Constance is still one of the most utterly delicious names I've ever seen. If Dulcinea had some meaning for me I'd use this combo in some way.

    Dulcinea Livny Jane is gorgeous and I think you deserve one of your names in there.

    Dulcinea Veronica... I truly love this. But if you're not a Veronica girl I don't think you should use it. I see that often with my combos, names sometimes sound gorgeous together but I want a name I love not something I only like... But I love Veronica. I used to hate Veronica with capital letters, I thought it was the ugliest name ever. And then I read a book by a Swedish writer called Linda Olsson called Astrid & Veronika and now it's one of the most beautiful names I know. I don't know if you can be swayed by a good story, an amazing character but it's an idea. The book is heartbreaking and wonderful, it's about two women who've suffered these gruesome losses (losses people go through all the time, but the way she writes about them is so raw and real) and find each other and start to heal through their friendship. One (Veronica) is a young writer, the other (Astrid) is an old woman. They live in a small Swedish village, they're neighbours, and it's just beautiful. I'm actually crying as I type this, the story is so moving. The first time I read it I broke down several times while reading it, I had to put the book away because it's so real and gripping. A recommended read if you want to love Veronica, or if you need a good cry.

    Ok, enough about that... I can't believe you're almost finding your name though, I'm still almost clueless!
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    So what are some of your absolute favorite girl's names? How many of them have you tried out with Dulcinea? Any other possibilities there?
    Also I'm now officially changing my vote to Dulcinea Livny Jane
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