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    Dulcinea Gillian is my offering. Gillian's beautiful.
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    What about Ingri? This gives you the pronunciation you like, and there is the famous children's author/artist Ingri D'Aulaire - "Many of the d'Aulaires' early books depict the scenery and folktales of Norway: Ola, Children of the Northlights, East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Later their attention shifted to their adopted country and they produced books about American folk heroes such as Pocahontas, Benjamin Franklin, and Buffalo Bill." You said you wanted something Scandinavian and that you loved American history - seems like a sweet reference. Plus, I think Ingri is is cute and spunky! Also thought of Meredith....and Clementine

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    Looks like it's a girl!

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    Dulcinea Veronica Lanz is my vote - it's beautiful, unique, has a nice meaning & tons of family connections...and it honors you most of all, which is just & right for a fifth child! (Just my opinion, Hee Hee)...I quite like Dulcinea Lanz, too, and it's wonderful how it sounds like 'lands' which gives the epic/fairytale vibe if your other kids' names, IMO!

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    Alright here's my thoughts and my rankings:

    Dulcinea Nicola - I like Nicola. The problem I have here is the repeating sounds at the end. NEa NIco...

    Dulcinea Veronica - I like this the most for the NIK names for you. I don't find Veronica frilly at all. It's got hard sounds and compared to Dulcinea, I actually think, even though it's a long name, that it balances Dulcinea. Dulcinea is all sweetness and vowels and lyrical sounds, Veronica is harder, not as sweet sounding, more of a normal name to hold the combo together.

    Dulcinea Constance - I love this connection for you! I really like Constance anyway. It doesn't have the greatest flow, but it's got great meaning. Flow isn't always very important ^_^

    Dulcinea Viera - said like vee-ehr-ah? If so, it makes me think of the bunny people from the Final Fantasy games. For a truth name, I would prefer Maeko, Veradis, Verda, Verna. Dulcinea Verda, Dulcinea Veradis, Dulcinea Maeko, Dulcinea Verna.

    Dulcinea Verena - I like this one. Verena is a name I just like and I think it sounds really nice with Dulcinea. The meaning is good too.

    Dulcinea Madeleine - When I look at Madeleine, I don't think of Mary Magdalene. To me, Magdalene and Madeleine are really different names and they are pronounced differently as far as I was aware.

    Dulcinea Jane - I really really love this one. Jane isn't boring. She's really beautiful, sort of old school glamorous, and grounded. She takes Dulcinea and plants her feet on the ground. I love how in Eve's name, she has the same. Eve is very grounded, very usable, but still very pretty while Anastasia is very long, flowing, sweet, vowel heavy. Dulcinea is like Anastasia, Jane is like Eve. I actually think it's a really sweet way to connect the sisters in the midst of the boys.

    Dulcinea Quinn - I just think having a unisex name in there is a let down. None of you others, as far as I can remember, has one. Quinn is so boring and blah with Dulcinea and compared to her siblings names. If you want a name that means fifth, maybe: Dulcinea Enu, Dulcinea Penthea (the rhyming here actually doesn't bother me when said with your last name), Dulcinea Quincylla, Dulcinea Quintana, Dulcinea Quintella, Dulcinea Quintina, Dulcinea Quinyette

    Dulcinea Lanz -- I like this too. I don't think the flow is great, but I love the meaning for you.

    So my top three would be:

    Dulcinea Jane -- I love how it mirrors Eve's name and grounds Daisy
    Dulcinea Veronica -- I love the flow of this name and the meaning
    Dulcinea Constance -- love how it connects to your own father and it's a virtue name
    Dulcinea Lanz -- love how it's for you
    Dulcinea Nicola -- for the connections, but I don't like the repeating sounds
    Dulcinea Verena -- Love it, but I love the ones with more personal connections better of these
    Dulcinea Madeleine -- It just doesn't sounds good to me or give you the connections you want
    Dulcinea Viera -- just don't like it much
    Dulcinea Quinn -- I think having a unisex name in there when none of the others do it a let down

    Other suggestions:

    Dulcinea Carlanda -- sweet darling daughter -- Also, all the RAND letters are in there mixed up :P
    Dulcinea Dervla -- sweet daughter of a poet

    Some biblical connections since I know that's important to you:

    Dulcinea Esther -- sweet star -- the vowels make different enough sounds I think it works and Queen Esther is a wonderful biblical connection
    Dulcinea Bathsheba -- I saw you talk about her in Ottilie's thread
    Dulcinea Elisabeth -- grounds it, and the mother of John the Baptist
    Dulcinea Joanna -- one of the women who helped prepare Jesus' body, grounds the combo also
    Dulcinea Miriam -- sister of Moses and does what Marian does I think
    Dulcinea Naomi -- the double N doesn't bother me here as there aren't any other repeating sounds right there. mother in law to Ruth
    Dulcinea Priscilla -- missionary partner to Paul
    Dulcinea Rebekah -- wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob and Esau.
    Dulcinea Tabitha -- From Joppa, Tabitha was always doing good and helping the poor.
    Dulcinea Zipporah -- Wife of Moses, daughter of Jethro. -- My Amazon Author Page

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