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    Listen, Jack is a great name, and if your mind is made up, that's great, congratulations to you.

    But I do have to point out that while Jack itself may be Number 46 in the U.S. instead of Number 1 or 2, there were nearly 8000 boys named Jack last year, along with 12,000+ named Jackson and 10,000 named John, many of those called Jack. Together, that's 20,000+ boys, more than are named Number 1 Jacob. And I feel compelled to also point out the Jacob and Jake also sound quite a lot like Jack.

    Jack is a fashionable name and I do think you're going to meet a lot of boys named Jack. I prefer Vaughn Patrick as I think it's a more distinctive choice. More problematic, definitely. But a lot more individual.

    I probably missed a lot of the runup to this but you do have a bit of time, and is it really just between Jack and Vaughn? I mean, what about....Van? It just seems there might be a name that transcends the kind of generic quality of Jack William and yet is more straightforward than Vaughn.
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    I like Vaughn William as a combo the best! Vaughn is not as popular as Jack. William means something to you. The flow is so much better, and I think Vaughn William matches Callum Rhys perfectly.

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    Pam (and everyone else) - What if we forget Vaughn completely and focus on Jack. I feel like Jack is short and fun, cute on a little boy and nice on a man. I like the short, crisp sound of it. What other names can you help me with that might meet that criteria?
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    Great choices! I will always love Jack and it is a classic! That being said I think that Vaughn Patrick is awesome. I feel like a boy with this name could be bookish or a rock star. It also fits in more with your other son's name. I mean I would love to meet little bothers Callum and Vaughn. Jack is still a great name and would also work with Callum, but not as well as Vaughn does. You have two great choices. How about Liam as the middle, Vaughn Liam? I like William in there too, but just thought I would recommend Liam because it is similar to Rhys.

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