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    Others might disagree, but I don't see any problem with fixing the spelling, even of the oldest child's name, as long as you maintain the same sound. Then adding a mn that's more your style and that will give the child more options when she gets older seems appropriate. But completely changing any of the names seems likely to bring confusion and possibly, later, engender resentment.
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    Sullivan and Lennon both sound really masculine. With Cohen and Adler, I'd assume they were brothers...
    I love the pp suggestion of Kacey Josephine or Kacey Jocelyn. Also, someone suggested Scarlett Clementine Jordynn "Scout"... that is a nice balance. I like Rue for the youngest... what about Rue Alivia Harper?
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    I think it's important to leave a bit of the infant daughter's own birth name and not use her older sister's. It is part of her identity, even if it isn't your style, and may be important to her to have a bit of that original name someday. What about Rae / Ray, Regina, Rhea, Ginny, Lynne, or Raelyn (different spelling) for a middle name or second middle?

    Harper Rae is beautiful!

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    You have many lovely suggestions! The only thing that I would advise--having adopted myself--is keeping a name for infant, or a variant of the name. Yes, I realize that the names don't mean much to their birthmother....but when she is older, she is likely to hear what her and her sister's names were, and which ones were kept that their birthmother gave them. At that point she will likely wish she also had a name (or variant) that her birthmother gave her, just like her sisters do.

    Congrats on the adoption. What a blessing!

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    That is such a beautiful coincidence re. your grandmother! There are so many variations and nicknames of Margaret, maybe you can find a different one that will work!

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