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    ADOPTION!!! Need names FAST

    My husband and I are adopting 3 siblings...all girls! We need to finish the adoption paperwork in 48 hours and we had thought we wouldn't need names until the final hearing, but as it turns out we need all the names in 2 days! ahhh! We are seriously stuck and need help.

    We have two sons, Cohen and Adler. Before anyone comments and tells me how "offensive" the name Cohen is, please don't. It is a family name and I've heard about enough of that to make my head spin.

    We want to give the girls names that reflect our naming style... which I would say is somewhat unisex and often what we like are last names.

    The oldest girl is too old to "rename"... the younger two are very close in age and still babies. Since we are naming the younger two, we felt it important to give the oldest daughter one name from us. So either we are going to change her middle name OR give her an additional middle name. We are working with the birth mom, trying to retain some of the names she's given the girls too.

    See why we are having such a hard time completing this in 2 days?!?!


    1.) We need a additional or different middle name for Kacey-Jo Jaylyn
    She's a very independent, strong, smart little girl... the kind of sweetness that makes everyone fall in love with her.

    2.) The middle daughter is named Jordynn Alivia Jayde. We aren't interested in keeping "Jayde". I don't love "Jordynn" but it was an important name to the birth mom, so we'd like to keep it in the name. Again, we are open to 2 middle names if need be.
    She's a spunky, strong willed, hilarious child I'd love something with a cute, spunky nickname.

    I love the name Scout for her, but not sure what name it could be a nn for or how I could incorporate "Jordynn" into the name as a middle.

    3.) The infant is super sweet and smiley. Birth mom isn't attached to her name at all and we'd prefer not to keep any of it...Reginea Raylynn. We would be interested in keeping "Alivia" from Jordynn's name and giving it to the baby as a name her birth mom had chosen, even though it wasn't chosen for her initially.

    I love Harper too. It makes me sad its gotten popular, but its the name I would've picked if I had had a girl with either of my pregnancies.! Naming children you've met is actually harder than naming a baby in your belly..I wouldn't have thought so, but it is!!

    Names we like:

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    For the eldest, Scout might be a cute nickname. Kacey/Casey has a lot of the same sounds as Scout does, so it's a stretch but it could work.

    For the middle, I'd choose Clementine Jordynn. Jordynn has almost a masculine feel, to me, so giving her a feminine name balances out nicely.

    For the youngest, I wouldn't swap names. Once they've become the children's identity, it'd feel strange to me giving the name from one to the other. I'd just come up with something new entirely.
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    Hi! Congratulations on your adoption! I feel like this post is a bit out of my league, but I would love to try and help at least.

    1. As I understood it you are keeping Kacey- Jo for the eldest child? I saw you liked Harper and I think it flows beautifully here. Kacey- Jo Harper.

    2. I think Jordynn is a difficult name in the middle. Would you consider leaving it as a first but call the child by her middle? I love Scout and I don't think it must be a middle for something! It stands good on its own. I think Jordynn Scout Sullivan works. You could also do Lennon Scout Jordynn, even though it's a bit clunky.

    3. Rue Alivia Clementine (Clementine Alivia Rue?) is adorable! I do like the idea of keeping Alivia even though it wasn't intended for this child. It's a nice gesture and then all the girls would have a name from their biological mother.

    I'm not gonna suggest more names. I liked the ones you have and I don't want to confuse you even more! This is a tricky situation. Anyways, I hope you got something from what I posted and I wish you lots of good luck

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    I think we are leaning toward Harper Alivia for the infant...

    Would really like nn or name for middle girl to be Scout..just not sure how to get it in there! thanks for the suggestions!

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