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    Does Liv still sound like a stand-alone name?

    Not just to Berry ears, but to the rest of the world? Does the plethora of Olivias make Liv sound like just a nickname? Do you think many of the Olivias are going by Liv anyway?

    I love the name. Short and spunky is just my style. While I'm not overly concerned about popularity, I would draw the line at the megapopular names like Olivia, so I'm wondering if Liv is still usable for me.

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    In Norway Liv is beginning to come back and it's not just limited to aunts and grandmothers anymore. While I don't know what's going on in the US, here it's always stood on its own and never been a nn for Olivia. And, also, if you didn't already know "liv" is the Norwegian word for "life". So that's a plus, rights?

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    I don't know any Olivias who go by Liv, at least not yet. Maybe when they're older?

    Whether or not Liv works as a stand-alone, IMO, really depends on what last name you're pairing it with.

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    I don't know anyone or haven't heard of anyone using Liv as a stand alone name. I do know an Olivia who goes by Liv.
    I personally wouldn't use Liv because I would worry people would assume her name is Olivia.You are right, with the popularity of Olivia, Liv is going to be lost and confused.
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    In the US, Olivia has gotten so incredibly popular that I think a Liv would have to correct people that she's not an Olivia. If Olivia is unpopular where you are, I think it could work. With Olivia's popularity, I think it might be like a Liz but not Elizabeth situation.

    What about Leven?
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