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    Smile Eleanor or Helena?

    Which do you prefer? I'm pronouncing Helena HEL-uh-nuh.
    I have a couple of reservations about both names: will Eleanor be nicknamed Ellie, and will this date to the 2010s (as Ellie is so popular)? Is Eleanor itself popular? Does the 'hel' sound at the start of Helena detract from the beautiful name? Will Helena be faced with constant pronunciation issues?
    I really love both names, though - please give me your thoughts! I'm really liking Nora as a nn for Eleanor.

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    I know about 20 Eleanor's nn Ellie my age (30), so for me it's not a 2010's thing, more a 1980's thing. I'm not very fond of the name, but it's nice and classic.

    I love Helena. I find it undeniably beautiful, the whole name is just gorgeous on top of gorgeous. It's radiant and shiny and sweet. The hel part doesn't bother me, and I can't see how anyone would have pronunciation issues with it. If someone says it a different way, correct them!
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    I voted Helena and that was a no- brainer! Helena has so many great namesakes and sounds divine. I am so sad I can't use it myself... Don't worry about the Hel- part or people mispronouncing it. It just takes a tiny correction and it won't happen again. I do think Eleanor is a nice name also, especially with the nn Nora, but in Norway it's... Old ladyish, and I can't get my head away from that.

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    I voted for Helena. Beautiful name. /i find Eleanor a bit clunky and old.

    good luck!

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    I prefer Eleanor. She would not be called Ellie unless that is what you wanted. I like Elle or Nora as a nickname. Helena sounds a bit harsh to me, maybe because it starts with hel*.

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