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    7. The God Chronicles

    Genre of Story: Fantasy

    Time Period/Location: the very beginning of everything

    Brief Plot: This is the first book is a set of books based around the gods in my other books. The book will start at the beginning when Chaos spawned the gods and will go up until Etrean, the goddess of life, creation and magic put humans on the earth. There's be some intrigue among the gods, lots of god births, creation stuff, and everything like that. The main gods that are there for this book are Etrean (life, creation, magic), Nathair (death and destruction), Lilit (insanity, riddles, chaos), Savas (justice, Judgement, order). And a few others that aren't as important. If you want the full list I'd be happy to share it.

    Thing Description: Title. I'm terrible at this part. Right now I'm sort of working with "Rise of the Firstborn" but I don't like that as it's not just those first 4 that this book talks about. And it seems rather odd to name it that. Maybe something to do with birth or creation?

    Already Considered (if relevant): Rise of the Firstborn

    Anything else?: I can't think of any but if you think of something, just ask. ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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