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    Too weird or too common

    I've been thinking about boy names recently and a lot of the ones I like have been becoming more common like Isaac and Jude. I hate common names. At school there was 2 Chloe's, 3 Shannon's, 2 Amy's, 2 Megan's, and 2 Emma's in my class. I don't want my kids having to grow up being referred to as Chloe S or Connor M. But at they same time I know what it's like to have a name no one can pronounce. My name is Eilidh, pronounced Aylee, like Haylee but without the h. Its a Scottish name and its pretty well known in Scotland but I grew up in Ireland. Ireland has its fair share of oddly spelled names yet I have still to come across someone who can pronounce it correctly the first time. And I got called eyelid a lot, which wasn't fun.
    So back to boy names. I have fallen in love with the name Phoenix. And it's not very common. But is it too weird? I can just imagine my mom's face. I also like names like Jude and Isaac as I said. Here are some of the names I like: Toby, Marley, Dexter, Zeke, Rufus, Reuben, Rupert, Flynn, Romeo, Finn, Jesse, Jonah, Rex, Elliott, Jasper, Ezra, Phineas, Oscar, Amos and Orson. Names like Noah are becoming way too common for me. I need a few suggestions on other uncommon names yet I don't want them too weird. I would gladly call my kid Sherlock or Forrest or Archer yet I think most people I know would think I'm crazy. So should say to hell with everyone else and pick a name that I like or just go with a not so crazy but uncommon name? All suggestions appreciated.

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    Here's the thing, no matter how unique of a name you think you're picking there's still a chance someone else in your kids life will also have it and they'll spend time around each other. That can't be prevented 100%. There's also a chance that you'll pick a common name and there won't be any others in your kids life. I was a Kimberly growing up in the 80's and I didn't meet another one until college!
    So, how would you feel if you went with Phoenix only to find out that in his second grade class there's another Phoenix! Or what if you still love Jude in 7 years and haven't met a single one in all that time. Use the name you love, there are far worse things in life than meeting another person with your name--in fact, it can be a fun connection. None of the names you've listed are so popular that I can imagine you meeting dozens. Go with what you love!
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    We seem to have a pretty similar taste in boy's names so I'll give you some of mine that you haven't already listed.


    I think all of these are pretty usable even though they're not that common. I think as long as the name is relatively familiar and can be easily spelt and said it should work okay. I understand wanting a more unusual name as I'm a Hannah and even though I love my name I know so many and want something less common for my own children. At least we now have the benefit of name rankings. My parents didn't and thought my name was relatively uncommon as they'd never met a Hannah before.
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    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 24 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

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    I'm not a fan of Phoenix. I seem to find that I don't mind as much popularity wise with my boys names. I am not afraid to like Oliver whereas on my girls list, I like Julia but doubt her a lot due to popularity.

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