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    The Magical Bewitching Ones (Norwegian Style)


    This is my first post, and although I could write for miles about my problem (I did in my first take), I'm gonna keep it short(-ish) and simple.

    - I need some new names on my list because almost all of the ones I have feels like middles.
    - I absolutely want the names to have wonderful meanings or history.
    - I will be using two middles.
    - and here's the kicker: I am Norwegian (ta-da), so the names need to sound good in Norwegian! This is what makes it hard for me. I can't go all out with my style, cause then my family, not to mention my boyfriends Swedish family, won't be able to pronounce it...

    So, yeah. This is my list so far.

    Astoria (means" like a hawk". My brother's name is Hauk. It's a Norse name, and the Norwegian word for hawk)
    Christine (my sisters middle)
    Clara (boyfriends pick)
    Fredrikke (fred-RIKK-eh)
    Hermione (I do feel I NEED a HP- name, and this is the only one bf would accept, not that I'm complaining)
    Isolde (this is one of the two I do feel works as a fn)
    Leonorah (my sister is Nora. Would love to honor that crazy firefly)
    Philippa (again, boyfriends pick)
    Symre (SYM-reh. Norwegian flower. This is the second one I feel works as a fn)
    Thale (TAL-eh. Norwegian. I do love the "tale" part of it. Could work as a fn??)
    Violetta (My favorite band has a series of songs based on this name)

    The only one I feel I could use if a child popped out today is:
    Isolde Amadea Christine

    Other ones I've thought about, but is like "hmmmm":
    Isolde Matilda Juliette
    Isolde Arwen Violetta
    Symre Astoria Hermione
    Symre Pheadra Soleil
    Thale Hermione Noelle
    Thale Leonorah Odette

    So, throw'em at me, people. You could make combos, suggest new names, convince me either way on those I have- you basically have free rains. And if you have a perfect name, but don't know how it will work in Norwegian- just include it anyways! My family sort of expect me to choose a somewhat rare name- I'm their eccentric.

    - Pernille.
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    Love your list, obviously. We're name sisters.

    Thale definitely works as a first name! I know one actually, and I think it's a beautiful name. And are you a Kaizers fan? I love their Violetta songs.

    I'm going to come back later with suggestions, but the first one I thought about was Vivendel. Beautiful flower and a gorgeous name. Then Venevil and Ylajali as they're big Norwegian literary names.

    The only ones I don't like as first names are Phaedra and Hermione. Too difficult in Norwegian. Would you consider Hermine instead? Anyway, I'll go through my list and I'll come up with suggestions in a bit.
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    I don't know how to direct this to you, Ottilie, but it is! I am a major Kaizers fan! And I like the idea of having their songs to use as pointers at various stages of my child life. If they have a nightmare: "Drøm videre, Violetta". If they drink too much (crossing my fingers for a child allergic to alcohol, but if my teens are any reference I think not.....): "Aldri mer vodka, Violetta". Haha, I know this is dorky, but I would have laughed if it had been done to me.

    I did suggest Hermine to my boyfriend first, but since they don't translate the names in the Swedish books, he just thought it was silly. (You should have been here for the great "Dumbledore/ Humlesnurr- tantrum") As I have read the books in both Norwegian and English (a million gazillion times) it wasn't a big deal for me. I might pronounce it like the Norwegians do anyway, I don't know yet..

    Vivendel is so cute! But it also feels like a middle to me.. I don't know why I'm so difficult with firsts.
    Thank you so much for this and what is to come- I can't wait. You are my naming hero!
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    I love quite a few of your names! Here are some of my favourites of your choices:
    Arwen - beautiful, literary name.
    Astoria - gorgeous, unique and love the personal significance.
    Isolde (this is one of the two I do feel works as a fn)
    Thale - though these last two are definitely a bit more challenging in English, they are lovely in Norwegian.

    I happen to know of some Scandinavian names, and I like these: Astrid, Nessa, Birgit, Else, Dagny.

    Here are some combos:
    Isolde Astoria Odette
    Thale Astrid Juliette
    Isolde Astoria Birgit
    Symre Ophelia Arwen
    Isolde Birgit Astrid
    Thale Juliette Else
    Isolde Amadea Dagny
    Thale Ophelia Phaedra
    Isolde Astoria Juliette
    Thale Astrid Nessa
    Symre Astoria Juliette
    Symre Hermione Nessa
    Symre Dagny Isolde
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