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Thread: Labor soon?

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    Labor soon?

    I'd like to start off by saying what I've experienced lately is extremely weird because I've had such an easy pregnancy. I can count on my hands how many times I've had morning sickness, I never feel any pains or discomfort, I sleep perfect, no swelling ever, its been wonderful. This past week has been TERRIBLE for me and I'm wondering if its possible that labor may be coming soon. I'm full term next week!

    Symptoms I've been having:
    - Back pain, in my lower back (sometimes just the lower left side) as well as mid back extending into my scapula. It isn't constant, happens randomly throughout the day and nothing helps. This is extremely weird for me, I still work a physically demanding job where I'm on my feet 8+ hours a day and I've never once had pain like this so I know its not my job.
    - Menstrual like cramping accompanied by diarrhea. My doctor mentioned it may be due to what I eat, but I honestly don't eat bad and even was put on the brat diet which hasn't helped any.
    - Hot flashes, they make me sweat like crazy, I drink 3 liters of water a day so I'm sure I'm not dehydrated.
    - Recent nausea/vomiting. I feel nauseous most of the day every day now, I've only puked a few times, but I always feel like I have to no matter what how of day, what I've eaten or much I've eaten.
    -Increased vaginal discharge, though it isn't an abnormal color I always feel wet.
    -I'm sure this is typical, but my boobies are leaking like crazy, especially when I'm stimulated.
    -Crazy intense vaginal twinges, intense enough to stop me in my tracks or to verbally groan in pain.
    -A very sweet smell when I go to the restroom, I'm pretty sure it's my discharge that smells like that.
    -I do not feel like my self at all. I'm completely exhausted and the biggest space case in the world, I've never felt so out of it.

    This is my first baby, I'm hoping someone can tell me labor might be around the corner, if this is just what happens when you're pregnant, or if it may be an issue for my munchkin. I see my doctor Thursday.

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    Well, if you're full term next week, I'm sure labour is around the corner very soon! Doesn't sound like your symptoms are anything out of the ordinary or anything to be worried about.
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    That's exactly what I felt like before labor...all the same symptoms pretty much...but it was from 2+weeks before I actually went into labor. So I think it means you're getting close, but not necessarily that baby is coming very very soon.
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    This is just how life is "near the end". You might have to deal with your symptoms a while longer - but hopefully not TOO long. I remember feeling the way you described for about a week or so before my daughter was born (and she showed up just before 38 weeks). With the back pain, I had what I THOUGHT was a sore back the night before my daughter was born (now I guess it must have been the start of contractions) and I remember just that dull back pain being so frustrating, my poor husband had to rub my back for me for like two hours before I could sleep.

    If you are feeling spacey and dizzy and you start to get headachey & see spots or your hearing starts to get muffled, call your doctor right away because that can be an indicator of pre-eclampsia.
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