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    Baby registry advice :)

    I haven't been on Nameberry too much recently, because I've been a little preoccupied with some pretty big life changes: we're moving out of state in a week, aaand I just found out I'm pregnant! To make a long story short, I found out at about 2:30 Wednesday morning when I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive.

    So because I am both very excited and a perfectionist, I have already begun working on a registry list. I know that baby showers are somewhat debated on here, but at this point I mostly view it as my shopping checklist for things we'll need.

    The past couple years, my husband and I have been trying to adopt a minimalist philosophy, especially when it comes to our possessions, so I've been kind of overwhelmed with the volume of things that people say you need for a baby. I would like to keep our new baby items as streamlined as possible, but I also don't want to overlook or cut out anything that I might regret later. So that's where all you lovely readers come in! I'm really not looking for specific brand recommendations or anything like that, because I like to do the research on those things myself, but I'm hoping that people more experienced than myself at this will be able to spot both things that I should add and things that I might be able to remove from my list. We're a little crunchier than the average couple, so please bear with me!

    Snappis (diaper fasteners)
    Cloth diapers, newborn and small sizes
    Diaper covers, newborn and small sizes
    Cloth diaper wipes
    Diaper sprayer
    Wet bag
    Changing mat (for top of dresser)
    Travel changing mat (for other rooms/diaper bag)

    Nursing pillow
    Nursing pads
    Nursing cover
    Burp cloths

    Furniture/travel gear:
    Crib/crib mattress
    Bouncy seat
    Baby wearer
    Car seat
    Diaper bag

    Video monitor
    Nail scissors
    Receiving blanket
    Swaddling blankets
    Sun shades (for car windows)
    Outlet plugs

    Stuffed animal
    Kiddy plates and silverware
    Classical music CD

    Sorry for the novel! (Can you tell I'm excited/freaking out?) Anyway, I would love any opinions anyone could give me!

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    I think that if you are trying to be a minimalist you can pace yourself with the baby things that you acquire. That way, you will only get what you end up needing as you need it instead of having a pile of things you never end up using. I wish I waited on getting a stroller really. I used a carrier for months and once I started with the stroller I realized that the one I had was all wrong for me! I also wish that instead of buying a crib I just got a co-sleeper, but I didn't know that that was what was going to work out best for us at the time.

    I did disposables so I have no diapering advice beyond this- if you do a changing pad get multiple covers and not in pale colors!

    If you're nursing a boppy or whatnot is important for your comfort holding them for extended times. I never used a cover, but if you have large scarves or shawls already you probably don't need anything extra. You could look for old sweater clips on etsy or ebay if you want something to keep a scarf in place. Instead of burp clothes or bibs I just used towels we already had. Bibs weren't need until we started experimenting with solids.
    For formula, the hospital sent us home with some pre-mixed formula in ready to serve 3 ounce bottles with vaccum sealed nipples. They sell these in stores as well. Since this was just a back up for us it worked well. If you're planning on formula feeding more extensively or pumping you might want to look into getting a supply of bottles.

    Furniture/travel gear:
    Crib/crib mattress- we got a mini crib to save on space. We barely used it as we ended up co-sleeping & later doing a floor bed for my daughter.
    Highchair- not necessary for quite awhile. You might want a Bumbo or the like to start out.
    Bouncy seat- It's good to have someplace to put a baby down for a bit. We used a swing & loved it. It was best for us because we have a dog so I didn't want my daughter low to the ground & stationary, the swing as a little higher & the movement kept my dog from investigating or licking the baby!
    Baby wearer- I preferred a carrier to a sling, but it wouldn't hurt to try both. I'm petite & found some of the larger fabric thingies you have to tie up to be made for taller people. I suggest asking a friend with a similar body type to yours.
    Car seat- essential
    Stroller- like I said, I wish I had held off until baby was here & I understood my needs more. I guess just think about how often & where you will be taking it out. I feel like I got a once-a-week mall-visit kind of stroller when I needed a miles-a-day all-terrain kind of stroller! Storage is important too and the weight & size of the stroller if you will be lugging it up stairs & through narrow doorways!
    Diaper bag- I opted to buy myself a cute oversize tote. I'm a minimalist when I'm out & about with my daughter.

    Bathtub- I had one, but it's not necessarily essential
    Humidifier- didn't have one
    Video monitor- didn't have a monitor because of how we set up our space & because we were fairly attached
    Nail scissors- I used a regular nail scissors
    Hairbrush- we were gifted one. I would get one
    Thermometer- very important to have on hand
    Teether- not really necessary especially for a newborn.
    Receiving blanket- I bought one that was gorgeous cause I loved it, but really not essential. The crib is supposed to be bare and you really could use a towel or any old thing for tummy time or whatever
    Swaddling blankets- I loved the velcro swaddlers
    Pacifier- I think the hospital gave us one & she never took it. I just nursed.
    Sun shades- I guess it's a good thing to get
    Outlet plugs- won't be needed for quite awhile

    I think , if you love something get it. I got a few children"s books, an overly expensive baby blanket & a stuffed animal while I was pregnant & it was really exciting to get those things!

    I would suggest holding back on clothes & burp clothes/blankies/wash clothes as I think people tend to gift these little items without referring to a registry. I never had a Kangaroo Care shirt when my daughter was a baby, but I saw them a few weeks ago & think they're such a great idea. It's good to have some toiletries & meds like baby aspirin or baby benedryl, a nasal aspirator, rash cream, ect for a little stockpile, especially if you live somewhere that has no nearby 24hr drug store. I found things like baby shoes & headbands to be cute but useless for an infant. You'll probably still get stuff like this, but there's no reason to register for them unless they make you swoon of course!


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    I've been doing quite a bit of research on cloth diapers myself. I would recommend getting TWO wet bags. That way when you're doing a load of laundry you have a clean wet bag to use when baby inevitably needs a change while the washer's still going. Also, a travel wet bag might also come in handy.

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    Well first off, congrats! I'd say take it slow and give yourself time. Most women don't have their baby shower til month 6, 7 or even 8. I had mine a little early at 6 months because I wanted to be able to enjoy it. But I posted a thread asking for help registering too so I thought I'd post the link for you, I got a lot of great advice. You can see what people posted when I asked here:

    Good luck!

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    We use cloth diapers- definitely two wet bags and a travel wet bag, as northernlights mentioned above. We were also pretty minimalist about baby stuff. We actually had very little stuff when our son was born and found that it was not a big deal to just go pick things up as we needed them. We thought that we would need a monitor, for instance, but never did. We ended up keeping the baby in our room for the first six months and then even after we moved him to his own room, we could hear him no problem from anywhere in the house.

    We also found that we didn't need baby versions of things like nail clippers or thermometers or washcloths or anything. Grownup clippers, thermometers, etc worked just fine. We never used a baby bathtub, either. We bathed our son in the kitchen sink at first, and then in the regular bathtub. A nasal aspirator is nice, though.

    Our son did not want to be put down at all, so I loved having a baby carrier from the beginning. I think that the Ergo or a similar one is the most versatile- we are still using it backpack style on hikes and our son is now two. I loved the Moby wrap when he was really little, but the ring sling always made my arm go numb.

    I agree with tararayaz about the stroller.

    A pack n'play type thing is nice to have if you plan to travel at all.

    Any of this stuff that you can borrow from friends is great, too. You really don't use most baby gear for very long, but it's great to have when you need it. If you want to be minimalist about the car seat, you can get a convertible one that will work from 5lbs to 55lbs.

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