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    children's names around the neighborhood

    This is a list of my son's friends' names and other children in the neighborhood. (I live in the United States)

    Spencer, Spencer, Zachary (goes by Zack), Hope, Sierra, Tabitha (goes by Tabby), Julia, Josie, Cameron (boy), Collin, Colin, Megan, Stephen, Michael, Austin, Ronald (goes by Ron), Zander, Parker, Natalie, Samantha (goes by Sammy), Taylor (girl), William (goes by Will), Patrick.

    Adding - Noah, Ryan, Nolan, Chris, and John.

    There are more I just can not recall names.
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    There are a lot of kids in my neighborhood, so this is only a smattering (I won't note duplicates, though there are some):

    Emma, Sophie, Sophia, Jack, Michael, Joan, Abby, Elizabeth, Sylvie, Jeff, Graham, Violet, Megan, Claire, Brian, Stephen, Ava, Aiden, Olivia, Oliver, Adam, Chris, John, Victoria, Eloise, Lenore, Steve, Larry, Toby, Sarah, McKenzie, McKenna, Jameson, Killian, Brogan, Addison, Adair, Eddie, Kylee, Noah, Sammy, Sam, Miles, Miriam, Rebekah, Nahum, Samir, Andy, Nick, Elias, Deborah, Zev, Daniel, Eitan, Adam, Ashley, Asher, and Priscilla.
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    In my neighborhood, which is very, VERY small, the boys are River, Jeffrey (River's bro), and Heaven. The girls, there are about 6 of them, and I have no idea what their names are...they aren't as social as River and Heaven, they came over and introduced themselves, and River told me about his big brother, the first day we moved in lol.

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