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Thread: Final names

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    Also would the first and last names both starting with H be too much? I worry Hazel is too close to our last name.

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    Clementine and Emmeline are beautiful.

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    Hazel Susan Hales has too many of the same sounds (s/z,h,ay) so that's my least favourite. Hazel Hales is cartoonish. I don't like the alliteration with Harriet Hales but it's slightly better than Hazel. Both Clementine and Emmeline are pretty and flow well with both the mn and surname. Of the two, I think Clementine is the best option overall.
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    My favorite is Emmeline Susan (Emmi). I also love Susan Joy!

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    My favourite is definitely Hazel but I agree with what other people have said about the alliteration and repeated sounds
    I think my second favourite might be Clementine as it's pretty and has good flow with the middle and last names
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