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Thread: High School

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    High School

    High School Cliques / Crowds

    Popular Kids
    > Bro's That are always together: Casey, Brandon, Luke, Corey
    > Jocks: Evan. Michael, Tilden, Matthew
    .......> Cheerleaders: April, Beth, Ashley, Michelle
    > Rich Kids: Whitney, Taylor, Mary Beth, Angela
    > Plastics: Amber, Maddison, Julie, Stacey
    > Smart Popular: Ciara, Cynthia, Kayla, Nicole
    > Class Clown: Joshua, Jordan, Jace, Shawn

    Vice Popular - "Almost Popular"
    > Fallen Popular: Ryan, Karmen, Avah, Hanna
    > Popular Wannabees: Brittney, Brandi, Carolyn, Sarah
    .............> Popular Kids' "b1tches": Jessica, Kelsey, Renee, Talia
    .............> Social Smokers: Kenny, Mickey, Carey, Tyler

    > Sketchers / Painters / Sculptors: Mikayla, Jennifer, Tori, Holly
    > Band Geeks: Meghan, Desiree, Cameron

    Alternative Kids
    > Burn Outs: Katie, Troy, Alex, Valerie

    ......> Computer / Video Game: John, Chance, Krista
    > Teacher's Pets / Library Aids: Dana, Celeste, Angel, Anna

    > Gangster: Tamara, Nisha, Gerogia
    .......> Teen Mom: Briana, Bethany, Amy, Bianca

    > Bad boy / girl: Ted & Dakota
    ......> Sexy Gage & Travis
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    my high school does not fit like any of your categories lol popular, artys, sluts, rednecks, jocks, cheerleaders are hated by everyone, nerds, the musical/play kids, band kids, potheads, and under classmen

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