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    Smile Book Idea - Need some advice!

    Hi Berries,

    So as I have mentioned before my maternal grandmother was born in Germany and lived there until she was in her 30s or so. Growing up, we always tried to incorporate European Christmas into our own celebration, for example on Christmas Eve we celebrate with my nanna, we open all our gifts (for that side of the family,) she buys us traditional treats to hang on the Christmas tree, and she tells of stories of celebrating St. Nicholas Day (Dec 6th.) My nanna and I have a special bond, I always took an interest in her past, and I would love to past on her traditions, stories, language to my children (when they come along.) So that being said its most like we'll celebrate St. Nicholas Day as they grow up - to keep it alive, so to speak. I know people may find that a bit cliche and a excuse to celebrate; but its important to me to honour her. Anyway, so I know many families of European descent still celebrate St. Nicholas Day and they are always faced with that hard-to-explain question from their children "Are Santa and Saint Nicholas the same?" Commonly its believed that Santa is a reinvention of Saint Nicholas because Martin Luther changed the day on which we celebrate. But I am thinking of writing and illustrating a children's book that explains the history of Saint Nicholas, how he came to be known as Santa (all factual,) and then on why some children get visited by him on December 5th and others don't. For that last part, I am thinking of keeping that more up to the whim of the parents, eg. Saint Nicholas receives a letter asking that he visit this home to remind the children of the importance of good behaviour and kindness during this time of year? The last bit will remain the magical story of Santa. I truly don't want to cause a hoorah by posting this, so please don't get defensive, but I would love to keep the story magical and yet give children an explanation they can understand.

    Oh, and also what Saint Nicholas represents and should be remembered for.

    Sorry this is so long!
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    I originally posted it in Momberries, because I thought it was more aimed at parents; but it got moved here so...
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    Sounds like an interesting idea. I'm Dutch, and my family never celebrates Christmas/Santa Claus; Sinterklaas was and is the big celebration. I think it'd be interesting for kids of Dutch/German heritage to learn a bit more about him. Keep us updated.
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    He's called Father Christmas here and that term is interchangeable with Saint Nicholas for us; they're one and the same person. I think it's an interesting idea too.

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