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Thread: Diner waitress?

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    I have no idea where the diner waitress thing is coming from O.o Is there a famous Sylvie in a movie or something who works in a diner? To me the name Sylvie is very sleek and dainty and fairy-like. Colleen is very saucy and bouncy and always makes me think of that song "Star of the County Down" in which the singer's love is called a sweet/fair colleen.

    I think the name is beautiful! If you loved it before the hormones took over, chances are you'll love it even more when the baby is here and the hormones start to fade. I wouldn't change a thing!
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    I think the diner waitress thing might come from the rhythm. Waitresses do tend to have 2 syllable names. You might consider a three- or one- syllable name, or perhaps a double middle. Sylviana Colleen nn Sylvie would be sweet.

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    It doesn't sound like a diner waitress to me. I really love it. Sylvie is one of my favourites and Colleen is a guilty pleasure of mine. Please don't ditch it. If I met a little Sylvie Colleen one day, I would have to hold myself back from giving the mother/father a huge hug and saying "WELL DONE! HER NAME'S PERFECT!"
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    It's like when my husband shot down Tess because it sounds too much like an elephants name. Makes no sense at all! Sylvie Colleen is fabulous. The exact combo was on my list, but I couldn't get my husband on board with Sylvie. Jealous that you could! And congrats on a beautiful choice

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    I don't think of a diner waitress at all!! I think that Sylvie Colleen is a perfectly beautiful name! I love it!

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