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Thread: Diner waitress?

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    Thank you all so much for your kind replies! As crazy and hormonal as I was feeling, it is also hard because I'm not IN LOVE with the name Colleen, but honoring my grandma is important to me. Her full name is Clara Colleen, but she goes by her middle name, or much more often, by her nickname "Coco". I do love the name Clara but I feel like it doesn't flow super well with Sylvie. I've even had people suggest using Coco as her middle since that is what my grandma goes by, but our surname starts with a hard C and I feel like Sylvie Coco C----- is a mouthful.

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    I think its beautiful!

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    Sylvie Clara would be beautiful, imo! I think even Sylvie Coco would be fine. Sylvie Coco Christiansen, for example, sounds fine to me. A bit "c" repetitive, but I still think it works, and Sylvie Coco is both adorable and meaningful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tvland View Post
    So we had finally decided on a name if this baby is a girl...Sylvie Colleen. Sylvie was the name we both liked best, and Colleen is the name of my grandmother who raised me. We aren't telling anyone else the name, so we haven't heard any feedback at all about it. Then yesterday I mentioned maybe putting the name meaning/why we chose it on the birth announcement and my husband said, "yeah because everyone else will probably think her name sounds like a diner waitress". I know I'm hormonal but I burst into tears. He says he loves it and was trying to be funny but now i can't get it out of my head. Does it sound like a diner waitress? Should I scrap it and start over?
    Firstly there isn't anything wrong being a diner waitress.

    Sylvie is a lovely name. She sounds elegant and very French chic. I love Sylvie combined with Colleen the name is fine. Colleen isn't a favourite but still its a family name and works. I think if anything the name is a little Irish grandmother (like others have said) but then again retro is incredibly in and everyone flocks to Irish names so your killing two birds with one stone. I generally like this combination, you should stick with it. You know what guys are like?!

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