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Thread: Diner waitress?

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    If you love it, then go with it! Trust me, it does not sound like a diner waitress! If it isn't everyone's favorite at first, it will be soon enough. A while ago (before the name Grace was kind of popular) my aunt and uncle named their daughter Grace, and nobody really liked it that much, but after a while it was everyone's favorite name and now everyone loves it!

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    I adore the name sylvie, and wanted to use it myself! Sylvie Colleen does not sound diner waitress at all to me.....I love that the name holds so much meaning for you, too. I wouldn't change a thing. My friend actually named her daughter (now 4) Colleen, and they call her Lena.

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    It does sound old lady-ish but Sylvie is kiddie (as oppose to Sylvia) so it's not all the way there. To me, Sylvia sounds ageless while Sylvie feels like an old woman or a baby

    You're not going to get a round of applause over this or any name. If we all liked the same names then there wouldn't be so much variety in the world. If you like it then own it

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    Waitresses tend to have 2 syllable names? That is the most arbitrary and nonsensical thing I've heard in a while, lol.

    I love Sylvie. Not so keen on Colleen but it's in the middle spot and has meaning to you so I think you should stick with what you have.
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    I wouldn't change a thing.

    Sylvie is shimmering and lovely. I actually like Colleen, but I think meaning for middle names always trumps "image" anyway. I am picking a family name for the middle, even if another choice might sound more nameberry-ish.
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