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Thread: Need help!!!!

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    Ava and Sofia are my favorites. I have an Ava and I would use Sofia on my own child.

    I will point out that if you like Ava that much, go with the original spelling. The alternative spellings just look illiterate, but more to the point the more you say and write Ava that feeling of "Ah-vah" will go away. She'd be constantly correcting people.

    Sofia is my other favorite. I love the names I've picked but Sofia was definitely one I just LOVED but my cousin has Zofia (the polish version, a nod to her heritage) picked out for such a long time so it was off limits. I love the Sofia spelling, but I love Sophie even more (the nickname) and I think it would be weird to spell the nickname as Sofi/ know? For that reason I would have issues with which spelling.
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pemdas View Post
    I vote for Sofia too. I hate your spelling of Ava and don't like your other names.
    I agree! Your spelling of Ava is really problematic. I couldn't even figure out what it was as first. The only gorgeous name on your list is Sofia.

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    Definitely avoid mak/mac/mc names if you have a mc last name. You don't want her to sound like a clown.
    As for the others, Sofia is the only legitimate spelling, but I'd pronounce it differently from the more common Sophia. Sophia is generally pronounced as soh-FEE-uh, whereas the two Sofia spellers I know personally, as well as the city in Bulgaria, say SOH-fee-uh.

    My number one suggestion for you would be Ayla. Similar to Ava, in a spelling more your style, and also less popular than Ava. Ayvah, to me, is horrendous (sorry, you did ask for honest opinions!) but Ayla is pretty.
    Also consider the name Maeva (rhymes with Ava/Ayvah); pretty and a little more of a standout.
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    I vote Ava-Sofia. They're gorgeous together, and she'll be distinct from all the plain little Avas and Sophias.

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    Ava and Sofia are lovely.

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