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    MN for Calpurnia nn "Callie"?

    We're pretty much decided on Calpurnia as a first name, nn "Callie". We had decided on Nyx as a middle name. My husband LOVES Nyx, but my mom said it sounds like the lice shampoo brand Nix. I'm trying to ignore what she said, but now I can't seem to break the association between Nyx and lice!

    Any other suggestions like Nyx (it means night)? Since Calpurnia is long, we were looking for something short. Older sibling is Gabrielle Faye. We want to find a mythical/dark/rebellious mn, something to match Faye and balance the girlishness of Calpurnia/Callie. We already have a cat named Raven, so that's out.


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    cristinamariane Guest
    How about Lux, it's extremely similar. I LOVE Calpurnia.

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    What about Nox. Same idea and sound, just not the same connotation.

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    Lux makes me think of Lex Luther, and Nox sounds too masculine. I don't mind finding something that sounds different from Nyx.

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    What about...

    Calpurnia Rose
    Calpurnia Kai
    Calpurnia Ann
    Calpurnia Wren

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