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    Need reactions to boy name Yates Alexander

    Last name rhymes with Rogue.

    I am new here. Due TODAY, no sign of our little guy being ready to meet us (it's our first). We have been perennially undecided about names, but Yates is my H's middle name and it's a very old family name (H's family is English/Scottish and came over on the Mayflower). However, my doubt is whether it's too weird as a first name since it is much more common as a last name.

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    Congrats. I hope your little guy comes out to meet you very soon. Yates Alexander is very handsome. I like that Yates has special meaning for you. You will have some that dislike the surname as a first name. I personally like surnames for first names. Plus many people have surnames on their favorite lists or used them and they do not even realize.

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    I love it! (But then Yates is a family name for me as well). It flows nicely, and Yates is going to be very hard to mispronounce. And if your son doesn't ultimately share your enthusiasm for it, he has a strong mn to fall back on.
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    While I appreciate Yates having family signifance for you, I'm not sure that Yates Rogue is a great name. It's harsh and clunky. A longer name like Alexander would be much better with a one-syllable surname. Have you considered switching the names around = Alexander Yates?
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    I agree with Mischa. I vote for Alexander Yates. Good luck!

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