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    Hattie? nn for Heather?

    Will people think, "super cute!", or "that is a weird nn for Heather"?

    Also, general thoughts on the name heather? And other nn options?

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    I think it is a weird nickname for Heather, but it does work. It isn't too much of a stretch.

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    As a Heather myself, I think it's not a logical nickname. I also think Heather is very dated and not ready for a comeback anytime soon. If you like Hattie though, how about using Hadley as a full name (Hadley actually means "heather field") and calling her Haddie.

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    I actually like Heather, and was trying to find a nn I like (not Heath). I am grateful for a Heather's opinion, hldevine

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    I am glad you like it! I never got called Heath and my mom actually picked Heather because she thought it was a "no nickname name."

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