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    Need help with nicknames!!!

    I am in love with the name Emerson for a girl, but don't love Emma as a nickname. Any other suggestions would be so appreciated.... I'm stumped!

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    Emme/Emmy, Sonny, Em, Merrie
    Just don't use Mersa (sounds like MRSA, the disease).
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    Love the above suggestion of Merry!
    The only others I can think of are Emery and Mercy. If she has a mn then that could help with a nn or maybe a nn that doesn't relate to the name but you like. X
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    Merry is so cute!!! That, and Emery are at the top of my list right now.

    As for the middle name, I think I'm a little stumped. I like Emerson Kate, but am not sure about it for some reason. Any suggestions?

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    Nn's for Emerson. I agree that Emery is an adorable option. Hmmm, maybe:
    Emmett-which is more of another first name option, but it is 2 syllables rather than 3, so it could work
    Emmie is adorable, but not as cute as Emery in my opinion.
    I still like Emery the best.

    Since Emmett is most like stretching things out as it is, I might as well mention Erin, Essie(very old fashioned woman's name from late 1800's), Marie, or it comes back to Emery as Still being my Favorite.

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