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    Too much alliteration?

    Hi everyone

    What do you think about Benjamin Too much alliteration? His nickname would be Ben.

    An alternative name we're considering is Daniel but I think we like Benjamin more.

    Thank you

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    I think Benjamin sounds great. Ben isn't as great because they're both one syllable, but I think the alliteration is fine. If Daniel would be Dan anyway, it's no better in that regard. I say Benjamin.

    Sorry I wrote your name in full! Fixed.
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    I love alliterative names. Benjamin Br ock is great.

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    I love alliteration personally, but I think Ben Br.ock is a bit abrupt. Have you thought of Bennett? Bennett Br.ock feels a little more substantial to me--but if that's not an issue, then I say go for it.
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    It sounds great! I think alliteration is great as long as it doesn't include any silly, childish or playful sounding names. This combo sounds like one I can take seriously!

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