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    A sister for Saskia

    I'm expecting my second girl, so I'm looking for a name that will fit with her sister's name, Saskia.

    I like the following:


    I'd welcome any thoughts or additional name suggestions. Thanks!

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    I love the name Saskia! It's a family name for me plus my family is part Dutch so I really wanted to use it. Unfortunately my hubs was not on board

    From your list I like all but I'm not sure any one name is perfect match. Tessa doesn't feel like a full name to me. I do like Phoebe and Poppy but I'm not 100% sold. Vivian feels a little more prim to me to match with Saskia (we call my cousin Sass sometimes). What about changing the spelling to Vivienne and calling her Vivi? Somehow to me that softens the full name and gives a spunkier nickname which fits Saskia better in my mind. I think of Saskia as a Dutch name that is somewhat popular in the UK but not known very well here. Unusual but not weird (perfect in my book).

    Other possibilities...
    - Daphne
    - Hermione (too HP? I would love to see someone use this name)
    - Tamsin
    - Renata
    - Delphine
    - Cecily or Celia
    - Gemma
    - Romy
    - Shea
    - Amity
    - Noelle
    - Greta
    - Niamh
    - Elsa
    - Ingrid
    - Ruby
    - Portia
    - Esme
    - Drusilla
    - Verity
    - Dahlia
    - Lucy

    You are on the right track! Best of luck and congrats!
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    Annora and Zara are what came to my mind.

    Of your choices I like phoebe and Vivian with Saskia better than the other two (which normally I love! But they just don't feel rich enough next to Saskia).

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