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    Alexander (Alex or Xan as nns)- Not a fan of this with Andrew.
    Joseph (Jay or Jake as nns)- A wonderful name! Andrew, Benjamin, and Joseph... perfect!
    Jonathan- Another great choice!
    Michael- Not my fav, as Michael always seems too tied to the 1980s to me...
    Gideon- Not quite as timeless as Benjamin and Andrew, but still a great choice.
    Samuel- A wonderful choice, too! Andrew, Benjamin, and Samuel... great!
    Dawson (not as "classic", but we both really like it and it sounds good with the last name)- I don't personally like this one quite as much.
    Timothy- It's ok.
    Gabriel (I really like this name; hubby not so much)- A great name, but I like some of the others on your list better.
    Thomas (though it might be weird to have the one non-twin named "the twin", no?)- Love it! How many people know this means "twin"? Very few. And most of the people with this name aren't twins... This is actually my fav on your list.

    Why not continue R middle names? I kinda like tying #3 to the twins through the mn.

    Thomas Reid
    Joseph Reid
    Joseph Remington
    Jonathan Reid
    Samuel Remington
    Samuel Reid

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    I vote for Timothy Reid. I like how using Timothy would give each boy a different main vowel sound in the first accented syllable -while all the names would match in style/category. Andrew has the prominent short A vowel sound; Benjamin has the short E sound, and Timothy highlights the short I sound. I enjoy this feature of my kids names. For that reason, I would pass on Samuel (first syllable too similar to the first syllable in Andrew) even though Samuel is a super handsome name.
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    Congratulations! Three boys, how sweet.

    Alexander (Alex or Xan as nns) — Agree with pp that having another A name (while leaving brother Ben out of the trend) isn't the best idea. Alexander and Andrew are rather similar.
    Joseph (Jay or Jake as nns)— Did you mean to write "Jacob" here? Not seeing how Jay or Jake would be a nickname for Joseph. But I think Joseph works well in this set. "Joey" is always an adorable nn. Jacob is too popular for my taste.
    Jonathan — I really am not a fan. It's so generic.
    Michael — Ditto above. Unless it has special meaning or significance to you.
    Gideon — Agree that -n names aren't going to be the best fit with the set. This has the same number of syllables as Benjamin, too.
    Samuel — I like this! Andrew, Ben, and Sam. Very cute.
    Dawson (not as "classic", but we both really like it and it sounds good with the last name)— Nah, it's following a much different path than the other two.
    Timothy — Not a huge fan of Timothy. "Tim" just sounds wimpy to my ear.
    Gabriel (I really like this name; hubby not so much) — I really like this, as well! Too bad hubs isn't quite on board. I think it would be great with this sibset.
    Thomas (though it might be weird to have the one non-twin named "the twin", no?) — I don't think anyone would know/notice/care about the meaning, but I'm just not a fan of Thomas. The nickname possibilities aren't appealing to me at all, and the full name isn't either.

    Middle names (none of these can be used as first names, for various reasons):

    David— Sure. Strong classic.
    Henry— Classic yet with a vintage charm.
    Charles— Sure.
    Gordon (these first 4 are all family names, but we aren't stuck on using a family name for the middle)— Gordon isn't nearly as cool as Robert or Ryan. I'd go with one from the previous three if you're to choose a family name.
    James— Seems to work well with just about any first name.
    Night— No. It's too late to go with an eccentric name, even in the middle spot, after the classics you gave your first sons.
    Shepherd— Ditto above.
    Reid— I like this, plus it follows the "R" theme for a middle name, matching your other two.
    Remington— Too much.
    Tennyson (these last two might be too long with the last name?)— No. Now is not the time to start getting trendy.

    I would go with, based off your list, any of these:

    Joseph Reid
    Samuel David
    Gabriel Henry
    L e o n a P e a r l
    my baby girl

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    i like Alexander and Joseph ( which is my sons name) but I can't imagine Jake as a nn for Joseph!
    What's wrong with Joe? I think Andrew, Benjamin (Ben) and Joseph (Joe) Is a great combo! Alexander is nice too!
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    Thank you all so much for your wonderful suggestions! I knew I could count on you for ideas, comments, and points we hadn't thought of.

    I'm at work and can't respond to everyone individually, but generally wanted to say that our top contenders for first names now are Alexander, Joseph and Thomas, with Timothy still in the running. I still really like Gabriel, but can't convert hubby, and he has also now decided that he's not keen on Samuel (which is too bad, since I think Andrew, Ben and Sam is a very cute sibset).

    We aren't bothered by Andrew and Alexander sharing the same first initial. We know quite a few people who have more than 2 kids, and have 2 or more of their kids (but not all) sharing a first initial and it doesn't seem to be an issue. I doubt Ben will feel left out; if anything, I worry more that this third little guy will feel left out since he won't share their twin bond. Alexander would be a meaningful choice for us, since my husband's family has a long line of Albert's, and I see it as a fresher, more classic version of "Al", and my mother is Allison, so again the same first two letters.

    For Joseph, I agree that nickname Jake is a stretch, but we would definitely use Jay. I've seen Jay as a nickname for a variety of "J" names, including John and Johann. We also know a Karl who goes by Jay (and not a middle or anything, just a nickname). I don't mind Joey/Joe, but Jay honours my husband's best friend, who will likely be this baby's godfather. Also, hubby has a cousin named Joey/Joe, and although the last name is different, it might be odd. I'm not keen on Jacob, as it is very popular where we live.

    For Thomas I don't mind that both first and last names end in -s. Because the last name is 3 syllables, it doesn't "hiss" when said aloud. Also, many Lithuanian last names end in -s, and a lot of the masculine first names end in -s or -as, so it's kind of a traditional combination. I'm still a bit bothered by Thomas meaning "the twin", but it's true that not many people would think of that. We chose Andrew and Benjamin, in part, due to their meanings, though, so it is a consideration for us.

    I do really like Timothy, and adore the suggestion for the nickname Timo. It is staying on our list, but hubby likes the other 3 names better, I think. Maybe Timo would work as a dimunitive nickname for Thomas, instead of Tommy?

    Now that it's been mentioned, we also see Michael as maybe being more of an 80s/90s name. We've decided that it, and Jonathan (which I agree is kind of plain), are out.

    I liked some of the suggested classics, particularly Dominic and Tobias, but can't sell hubby on anything off our list (at least, at the moment).

    I really like the following suggested combinations:

    Joseph Henry
    Joseph Reid
    Joseph Remington
    Thomas Reid
    Timothy James

    I like Reid or James with Alexander, since I think a long first name sounds better with a short middle.

    One issue is that Henry is my husband's father's middle name (and he goes by Henry), and if we use that we might also have to use David or Gordon (my dad's first/middle), so nobody is offended -- and I'm not sure I want two middles, although Joseph Henry Gordon doesn't sound too bad.

    We'd also thought about keeping "R" names in the middle, as a way to connect all three boys. That's how Reid and Remington got on the list; unfortunately, I'm not fond of Richard, Ronald, Roland or other classic "R" names, and we have no other family "R" names. Robert is my brother's name and Ryan is the last name of a brilliant surgeon who saved our boys' lives by performing intrauterine surgery at 21 weeks to stop the progress of a condition called twin twin transfusion syndrome. I would love another meaningful middle, but do like the idea of another "R" name. Hmmm.

    Would love to hear any other suggestions, or suggestions for other "R" names that might work with Joseph, Alexander, Thomas or Timothy!
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