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    Should both parents pronounce the name the same?

    My wife is French-Canadian and I'm American. Many of the names that we are considering for our future son are pronounced differently in English or in French. Examples of two of our choices are Nicholas & Lucas. In both cases, the French leave the 's' silent.

    I'm wondering what people think about having both parents pronounce the names the same. We also have some names picked out which we would both pronounce the same way (Max, Liam and Jack).

    Appreciate the thoughts.

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    I think both parents should pronounce the name the same, it isn't fair to confuse the child. You could choose the name Lucas or Nicholas, but both of you should agree on one pronunciation to call the child.

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    Since Luca is a great name on it's own I think you can easily get away with naming him Lucas and you both calling him Luca/Lucas with silent s. As long as it doesn't bother you that people drop the s when casually spelling it.
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    Nah, not for something like that—presumably you'll be teaching him some French alongside English, right? So it makes sense that the French-speaking parent would use a French pronunciation.

    If it were alternate English pronunciations, that could get confusing for both kid and family friends. (IE, for a girl, if one parent pronounced the name Helena HEL-en-a and the other said Hel-AY-na.) But I understood when people called me Brigitte as a child if we were reading French storybooks or something.

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    Yes. I wouldn't choose a name if we did not intend to prn it the same way.

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