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    What would you name our baby boy?

    Please help me name my baby boy. My husband and I are stumped at this point, and feel like some suggestions from some Nameberries would be extremely helpful.

    To give you an idea of our situation:

    * Our last name starts with a C and is very short, one syllable in fact.
    * We already have a good idea of what to name our future daughters, which I want taken into consideration because I would like the sibling names to flow nicely together. For girls, we like the names Arabella, Kensington, & Emmeline. What would you name their male sibling?
    * If you didn't get this from the previous bullet, we like preppy names and are not afraid of longer/multi-syllabic sounds since our short last name is so choppy when it comes to the overall flow.

    Now that you have an understanding of our tastes, what would you name our baby boy?
    Happily married and expecting our first cutie pie, a baby boy, in the beginning of February.

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    After putting your 3 girl names into Nymbler here are a few of my faves...

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    Bennington, maybe? nickname Ben?

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