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Thread: Endometriosis?

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    @sarahmezz - thank you! Very helpful

    @jazz1509 - I'm so glad you've had two and a half successful pregnancies! How exciting; your little one is due so soon! I'm really glad to hear that endo doesn't cause infertility too often - I've always wanted a big family. Hope you start feeling better soon! It's funny, most people I talk to who have tried the Mirena (which admittedly isn't a huge number) have had issues and had to have it removed. Hmm.

    @katemp91 - I'm sorry for what you're going through! I'm not actually sure if there's a family history - all I know is that my mum had very painful periods (but unlike for me, the bc pill was fantastic for her), and I think my aunt on my dad's side did too. I don't think they've ever been diagnosed though. Interesting! My sister and cousins get fairly bad period pain; but really nothing like what I go through. There does seem to be a family connection!

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