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    Sibling name for Anthym Gracelyn Adora

    Hello, I am new here and this is my first post.

    I am trying to brainstorm names for a future sibling to Anthym Gracelyn Adora.

    Even if you don't have name recommendations, I'd love advice on what style, what kind of 'rules' you follow to name siblings, etc.

    Our surname is Schwartz.


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    Your daughter has a beautiful name, I adore!!

    Maeve - Celeste - Eileen - Enya - Fiona - Maura - Ellie - Emmeline - Moyra - Esmee - Ethel - Myra - Niamh - Grace - Oonagh
    Alec - Basile - Cameron - Noah - Christopher - Conrad - Damian - Devon - Elijah - Ethan - Otis - Ezra - Fender - Garith

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    [QUOTE=stephschwartz;2115853]Hello, I am new here and this is my first post.

    I think you like unique style names with a feminine edge

    Felicity Aurora Mary
    Matilda Naomi Gloria
    Leila Marion Elise (or Delilah)
    Evelyn Epiphany Rose
    Jemima Alice Bellamy
    Bethany Aria Celeste
    Xanthe Tabitha Bluebell
    Allegra Helena Maren
    Merida Olivia May
    Madeleine Brigitte Adele
    Psalm 23

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    Love her name <3 Anthym is sweet.

    Boy's names:
    Anthym and...
    Hudson Schwartz
    Arrow Schwartz
    Ajax Schwartz
    Lennon Schwartz
    Storm Schwartz
    Thunder Schwartz
    Nash Schwartz
    Ranger Schwartz
    Bishop Schwartz
    Navy Schwartz
    Deacon Schwartz
    Oakes Schwartz
    Zeal Schwartz
    Bright Schwartz (I know a boy with this name, it suits him well )
    Bramble Schwartz "Bram"
    Peregrine Schwartz
    Noble Schwartz
    Thane Schwartz
    Zephyr Schwartz

    Either Gender:
    Anthym and...
    Ever Schwartz
    Knight Schwartz (this is my daughter's middle name, but I would find it well suiting for a boy, too )
    Brave Schwartz
    Bravery Schwartz
    Rio Schwartz
    Rogue Schwartz
    November Schwartz
    October Schwartz "Toby"
    Blue Schwartz
    Solstice Schwartz
    Freedom Schwartz
    Gardener Schwartz
    Prosper Schwartz
    Rain Schwartz
    Poet Schwartz

    Girl's names:
    Anthym and...
    True Schwartz
    Answer Schwartz
    Sunday Schwartz
    Rhapsody Schwartz
    Symphony Schwartz
    Azalea Schwartz
    Epiphany Schwartz
    Eloquent Schwartz
    Burgundy Schwartz
    Lavender Schwartz

    Anthym and Poet would be downright adorable. <3

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    Thanks for all the ideas! I will show my hubby later.

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