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    Griffin for a girl?

    I've searched high and low and there may be zero girls with this name - but I'm drawn to it.
    So what do you think, please? A girl named Griffin?

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    I know two Griffins - both teenage girls from LA, incidentally. They both pull the name off, in my opinion, but then both are very confident and stylish.
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    I love boys' names for girls, but I was taken aback by this one. Griffin just seems way too masculine for a girl to me. But then again, as I think about it more, it could possibly work. But nobody who saw her name would think she was a girl. Just something to think about, but it could grow on me.

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    I think that would be awful on a girl. If you want a similar name...but still about Finley?

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    I don't like it on a boy, and it's even worse on a girl.

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