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    Having trouble finding second name that sounds right with primary name...

    My hubby and I are having our 10th child in a few days (induction on Oct 29th). I am having more trouble deciding on a name this time. My mom died almost 2 years ago, and this will be the only grandbaby she didn't get to meet. I worked for months finding a way to incorporate my mom's name for our baby girl. I ended up combining my name (Karen) and her name (Elaine) into Katalayne.

    Here's the issue: Katalayne can be pronounced as Kat- a -Lane OR Kat- a- Lan -Ya. I am having one heck of a time finding something I like that sounds good with both pronunciations! My hubby is pretty much open to whatever (names are a big deal to me, so he just nods and smiles, lol).

    Here are my last 3 kiddos names to give you an idea of our naming style:

    Lyra Jazilys (nicknamed Jaz, both names associated with music), Xanthe Solaris (means "Golden Sun" in Greek), Lucien Vayle (Greek and Old English meaning "Valley of Light").

    Katalayne can be the middle or first name- as long as the name flows well.

    Thanks for any suggestions!!

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    What do you think of:

    Aya Katalayne
    Finley Katalayne
    Leah Katalayne
    Lilith Katalayne
    Eileen Katalayne
    Milla Katalayne

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    Oh, I like the name Elaine.

    Enna Katalayne
    Astrid Katalayne
    Flora Katalayne
    Zenaida Katalayne (Zenaida was one of the earliest female physicians, along with Philonilla)
    Xenia Katalayne
    Cassia Katalayne

    There's also the French name Katel, which I'm fond of and has the first 2 letters in each of your names.

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