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Thread: It's a Boy!!!

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    It's a Boy!!!

    So we had our 20 wk ultrasound and found out that were having a little boy! Yay!!! we are so excited, but would be much more excited if we had settled on a name! We had a perfect girls name picked and set, but we've done nothing but argue about boys names! The three maybes we have are Oliver, Noah and Jameson. Hubby is leaning to Oliver, I have always loved Noah, and Jameson is somewhere in the middle. I love the whole name but don't like to hear 'James' in it.

    We desperatley need help and suggestions! Other names my hubby likes- Oakley, Conrad, Ignatius. I like more classic names like Liam and Harrison. Please help by giving as many suggestions as you can think of- we will need them all!

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    Thanks Alexa! I really like Augest, Alden and Julian but hubby hated them

    Last night we tentatively added Aurelius, Lyric, Maverick, and Elias to our 'think it over' list. None of them seem to be jumping out though

    More suggestions would be so very much appreciated!!

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    I agree with your husband! Oliver is great. I also like Conrad and James, but not Jameson.

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