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    My mom is generally really easy-going and likes or pretends to like whatever we say we like.

    However, as my sister has gotten further along in her pregnancy, and names have been coming up more often, she's gotten a little bolder. I caught her wrinkling her nose at Imogen (which hurt a little, because Imogen was a name that felt like a roundabout way to honor her) so i made her tell me honestly, and she dislikes it, but also still thinks its Imogene instead of Imogen.

    She also said she loves the name Kelly and wishes one of us would use that name, which probably won't happen.

    I don't feel more pressured, cause i assumed she disliked Imogen and just didn't have any proof that she did. I'd still name a kid Imogen, because she'll get over it and eventually love the name because she loves the kid. And she can always call her Immy or Ginny if she truly can't stand Imogen.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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    My mom and I talk about names sometimes. We're generally in agreement about girls' names but boys' names we butt heads on. She likes classic names with a one syllable nickname, like Sam or Ben. She looooves the name Jack and always teases me that if I name a son something she doesn't like, she'll call him Jack. Mostly she's kidding I know if I was really set on a name despite her opinion she'd get over it though.

    She'd never do anything like snoop on my computer, but I think if I tried to keep my short list a secret she would protest about that a lot. I'd probably let her see the list but not tell her the final name choice until after the baby was born. This is all hypothetical though.
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    Beatrix Judith

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    My husband and I have decided to keep our names a secret until our kids are born. My side of the family never gives their opinions unless they are asked but his parents started suggesting baby names to us before we were even married. And every name was completely opposite of our style. My husband let it slip one time that he liked the idea of using his GM's middle, Etta, as a first name and his dad promptly asked him why would he ever name a child that? And said how horrible of a name it was... So after that we are definitely sticking to our secret name rule!

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    My mother (and that entire side of the family) is French Canadian so I feel pressure in a slightly different way. A lot of the names that I am head-over-heals for, they can't pronounce and I am back at square one. It's really frustrating at times even though I know they can't help it.

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    My dad found out I have chosen the name Imogen for a daughter, and he said, "What about Nicole?" Because he felt Imogen was too "old." Not knocking the name Nicole, but honestly, it is light years away from Imogen in style! So, he then suggested Clementine. Now, that could work for me if my heart wasn't already set on Imogen.
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