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    Name the Babies #2, G6, R4 (wanderlux)

    1. Margaret and Alfie Merritt met at a neighborhood block party when they were kids. They have two sons, Andreas and Marcel and a daughter, Eleanor. They're now expecting triplets. Their first names should be German. Their middle names should start with J, K and L.

    DW: Margaret Estelle (30)
    DH: Alfred Raymond (30)

    DS: Andreas George (drvc + laceyharkins) (8)
    DD: Eleanor Hazel (meganlee2012) (4)
    DS: Marcel Ian (lifesaboutmusic) (2)

    2. Posey and Teddy Lemser met in their town's bookstore. They have a son, Jem and two daughters, Jet and Nev. They're expecting a baby girl. Her first name should be from a book that also has an unusual nickname. Her middle name should be five letters.

    DW: Posey Amy (35)
    DH: Theodore Keats (38)

    DS: Benjamin James (oboeplayer1) (9)
    DD: Juliet Karen (shanade213) (6)
    DD: Ginevra Molly (shanade213) (4)

    3. Matilda and Caleb Bean met at a wedding of his family and her friend. They have a son, Bennett, a daughter, Lucy, and triplets, Imogen, Felicity and Charlie. They're now expecting a baby girl. Her first name should have a beautiful meaning. Her middle name should be at least 8 letters long.

    DW: Matilda Calais (33)
    DH: Caleb Trenton (33)

    DS: Bennett Anthony (ismene) (9)
    DD/DD/DS: Imogen Genevieve / Felicity Rosalind / Charles Frederick (ismene) (5)
    DD: Lucy Madeleine (meganlee2012) (2)

    4. Stella and Jonah Pittman met in study hall in eleventh grade and never looked back. They have twins, Maisie and Callum, a daughter, Ruby and a son, Jonah. They're also expecting... Twins, again! Their initials should be alliterative like their siblings, but not Js, Cs, Ms or Rs.

    DW: Stella Sydney (26)
    DH: Jonah Bennett (26)

    DD/DS: Maisie Margaret/Callum Charles (bb) (4)
    DD: Ruby Rosalie (emitheduckling) (3)
    DS: Jonah Jeffrey (shanade213) (1)

    5. Penny and Ken Barrick met in the mall, he worked at a coffee shop and she at a bakery. They have a son, Will and two daughters, Summer and Annabel. They're expecting a baby boy. His first name should have double letters, like Kenneth. His middle name should start with an E.

    DW: Penny Evangeline (35)
    DH: Kenneth Emmett (35)

    DS: Will Edward (laceyharkins) (7)
    DD: Summer Elise (drvc) (4)
    DD: Annabel Eve (oboeplayer1) (3)

    6. Lucy and Harry Davey met in college. They have a daughter, Molly and two sons, Gray and Henry. They're expecting a baby girl. Her first name should end with a Y. Her middle name should be from a classic book (which one?).

    DW: Lucy Hazel (34)
    DH: Harry Benedict (34)

    DD: Molly Beth (meganlee2012) (9)
    DS: Gray Oliver (emitheduckling) (7)
    DS: Henry Marius (ismene) (4)

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