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    Can you fix Daniel John?

    Hi all,

    We have agreed on John (if we have a boy) as either mn or fn - but probably middle as hubby isn't a huge fan of Johnny (which I love).

    We both like the name Dan or Danny but in keeping with our other childrens names and to give flexibility would use a formal name - Daniel.

    My only hesitation is that I don't like Daniel John. I just think it is such a common combination and makes me fear the use of DJ as a nn. One possibility is to use another mn as well. I like Francis which is a family name but my hubby thinks it is 'girly' (I know!). Can you think of any combinations of Daniel ---- John, or Daniel John ----, or perhaps Dan ---- John, Dan John ----?

    Obviously I like the classics and popularity isn't an issue for me.

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