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    In my country (holland) Daan is a top10 name. Pronounce like: Daaaaa-hn.
    People like it because it's close to Daniel, it's short and masculine. I guess in English you'd get... Dean?

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    I really like Daniel for a first name. I am not a fan of 3 names personally. I also don't think Daniel John sounds bad at all, but I understand things not sounding/feeling "right."

    Have you considered Jonathan Daniel?

    You could use John Daniel as a double barrel name where is a common practice here in the south.

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    John Daniel is great! I also like Roxanne33's suggestion of Jonathan Daniel nn Jon. Have you ever thought Dashiell John on John Dashiell?
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    I love the name Daniel and think nickname Danny is so cute! I think Daniel John is a great name but can understand your feeling that it's a little too common. I also love John Daniel as a double barrel name.
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