View Poll Results: Which do you like better to pair with Tessa and Dalia with an M last name?

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  • Deacon Scott

    9 18.75%
  • Shepherd Paul

    7 14.58%
  • Turner Ephraim

    0 0%
  • Sawyer Flynn

    10 20.83%
  • Asher Beau

    15 31.25%
  • Thatcher Blake

    6 12.50%
  • Brigon Paul

    1 2.08%
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    Exclamation Strong, unique male names

    Help! We are super picky and just don't know what what we want!! I'm not sure about the middle names... These are the ones we like but if you have better ideas let me know, or if we should switch them around.

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    I love Sawyer Flynn, but I don't know if it's as unique as you're going for. Both names have been on trend recently. I voted for Brigon Paul (seems I'm the only one!)--I don't know the name Brigon, but I think it sounds super handsome! And unique. Good luck!

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    Top Three Faves

    1 Asher Beau
    2 Sawyer Flynn
    3 Deacon Paul - if you don't mind a shared initial with Dalia

    Brigon Paul sounds like "bring on Paul" and Thatcher is too strongly associated with the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher.
    All the best,

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    Personally I would avoid the D and T names, since you already have Dalia and Tessa. I like Asher Beau the best, followed by Sawyer Flynn. Good luck!
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    My favourite is Sawyer Flynn. Thatcher is indeed too easily associated with Margaret Thatcher, she was not a nice lady. Brigon doesn't really sound like a name to me either, I find it too 'bring on' as well. So many people will misunderstand it as that. Shepherd is a bit too surnamy for me, it will definitely end up being shortened to Shep I'd say. Unless you like that of course!
    Asher is ok, but I prefer Sawyer!

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