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    You could just use the first letter of the name (a Hebrew naming tradition). For example, my friend's grandfather was Sylvan and she named her son Silas to honor him. I did this as well for my older daughter. Both her names are family names but her initials were also the same as my beloved grandma (from Iva Myrtle to India Marie). I will say that most people make the obvious connection that India and Marie are family connections but don't see how I honored my grandmother with the initial (but anyone who is Jewish gets it). That's ok because I know all the people I honored with her name. I just say that because if you use David it will be obvious that you honored your dad (and you can say your professor too) but that has pros/cons. It might only be a few people that get you were trying to honor your dad with the initial but maybe that's a good thing . And of course you can always tell your dad. And this opens up all"D" names to you! Best of luck!
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    How about Vida as a f name to honour David?

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    @elo that is a great idea I'm grateful for the suggestion and I will keep it in mind even though I am not Jewish. It makes alot of sense to me.

    @suzywoo I always liked Vida but I had no idea it was a unisex name, I'll keep this in mind for middles. Great idea!

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