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    I love the idea of Dawson to honor a David. I'm not sure what Dawson's Creek is, so obviously I don't think it's tainted the name.

    Side note: Holy cow! I just looked at the stats for Dawson and it jumped from #734 in 1997 to #175 in 1998. I had no idea Titanic had that effect on the name?? Dawson's popularity is currently on the decline though. I can't believe I've never met anyone named Dawson.
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    @Southernmaple... thanks I love Dawson as well.
    Dawson's Creek was a popular series on the WB around the time of Gilmore Girls etc... It was a popular teenage drama.
    I agree with you on the drastic rise in popularity which shocked me as well, but I think it was a combination of Titanic and Dawsons Creek as that show premiered in 1998. I've never met anyone named Dawson either, but it is a bit popular for my liking. I still love it though

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    I like Davin. Dawson is a good idea too.

    In terms of honoring your father, maybe you could do it in a more subtle way - think of something he liked, something you associate with him. If he liked music, hunting, sports, whatever - maybe you can come up with a name that calls him to mind for you, but won't set off alarm bells to the rest of your family. Same with your professor - maybe there's a name connected with the class he taught you?

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    I like Dawson as well and I think that the Dawsons Creek connection is not that bad since the show doesn't run any more and most people even don't remember it any more
    Another possibility would be Daoud which would be an arabic version of David

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    Since Dawson's Creek isn't a popular show today I don't think the show will taint the name. I adore Dawson and it's on my own list. It's a great way to honor both David's.
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